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Global Wax Industry: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2021 / Plus 2020 estimates
Forecasts to: 2025 and 2030
Published: December 2021
Regional Coverage: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East

The global COVID-19 crisis has redefined the pace of growth in various wax-consuming end industries. While growth in some industries such as packaging and personal care/hygiene accelerated during the pandemic, others such as PVC, paints, and coatings slowed. The current period may prove to be the starting point for a rapid decline in Group I basestock production with similar results for petroleum wax. This report analyzes post-COVID-19 market trends and establishes a new market map for the wax industry, assessing whether the supply in other wax categories will grow to close the gap.


  • Detailed wax market profiles for leading petroleum waxes, synthetic waxes, vegetable and plant waxes, and select specialty waxes
  • Post-COVID-19 market dynamics for global and regional wax supply by type of wax
  • Post-COVID-19 market dynamics for global and regional wax demand by application and type of wax
  • Global and regional wax supply and demand outlook by wax type
  • Analysis of wax positioning and pricing
  • Recognition and interpretation of post-COVID-19 market trends, evaluating growth drivers and restraints
  • Identification of market opportunities and challenges
  • Detailed wax market model, mapping supply and the demand by applications for key wax types


Table of Contents


Executive Summary

An overview of the report findings plus forecast based on Kline’s Global Wax Market Model

Wax Industry Overview

  • Wax types, properties, and grades
  • Wax applications
  • Wax application by type of wax

Profile of Regional Markets

Detailed regional profiles of Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America, and Africa and the Middle East covering the following information:

  • Wax supply
  • Wax demand
  • Wax supply-demand balance and trade
  • Wax pricing and inter-material competition
  • Market outlook opportunities and threats


Wax Market Profiles 

Detailed wax market profiles will be provided for:

  • Petroleum waxes – FRP, SRP/scale, slack
  • Petrolatum/Petroleum Jelly
  • Microcrystalline wax
  • Polyolefin
  • Fischer-Tropsch
  • Alpha-olefin
  • Vegetable and plant waxes

Each of the above wax profiles will cover the following information:

  • Wax supply
  • Wax applications and demand
  • Wax pricing
  • Wax supply-demand outlook
  • Wax market outlook, opportunities, and threats

Wax Positioning, Pricing, and Inter-Material Competition 

  • Historical wax pricing trends
  • Current wax pricing by wax type

Description of Modified Waxes

Description of chemically and physically modified waxes, and their applications

Wax Market Model

A detailed Excel model mapping supply and demand for petroleum, synthetic, and vegetable- and plant-based waxes for 2020, 2021, 2025, and 2030

Report Benefits

This report serves as an invaluable tool in the strategic planning process for wax producers, blenders, formulators, marketers, and other market participants by identifying opportunities and challenges within this industry. Specifically, it will assist subscribers in: ​

  •  Understanding the future growth potential by analyzing the current and projected supply of petroleum waxes, synthetic waxes, and vegetable and plant waxes​
  • Understanding wax pricing and positioning trends, as well as gauging the inter-material competition among key wax types​
  • Evaluating the current demand and growth potential in key applications in the post-COVID-19 market, thus identifying opportunities and challenges for wax industry participants​

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