Global Biopesticides

Global Biopesticides: An Overview of Natural Pesticides

Base Year: 2021
To be Published: Q3 2022
Regional Coverage: Argentina​, Brazil​, Chile​, China​, France​, Germany​, India​, Italy​, Japan, Mexico​, Morocco​, South Africa, Spain​, United Kingdom​, United States

This report provides a window into the growing biopesticides segment of the crop protection sector. It includes technology descriptions, company profiles, and crop analysis of product pest targets while providing an outlook and product category forecast for each country/market segment and company.



  • The biopesticides market situation for each country
  • Sales segmented for each country by crop group 
  • Information on key diseases and pests treated with biopesticides
  • Sales of biological insecticides, nematicides, fungicides, herbicides, and seed treatment products 

Technologies included: 

  • Microbial species, such as beneficial fungi, viruses, or bacteria, acting as pesticides;  examples include Bacillus, Beauvaria, and Spinosad
  • Natural materials with pesticidal properties, such as diatomaceous earth
  • Plant extracts, such as neem, pyrethrum, and others, as appropriate
  • Biological seed treatment, including a cross-section of technologies used as protectants and stimulants. Examples include Bacillus, harpin, pseudomonas, and trichoderma

NOTE: Pheromones, PGRs, IGRs, and repellents are assessed for the United States but not other countries. 

Table of Contents

Introduction ​​

Executive Summary

An overview of the report findings plus a forecast

Individual Reports

For each country, the following market segments are covered (where appropriate):

  • Field Crops
  • Orchard
  • Vegetables
  • Specialty
  • Non-Crop
  • Consumer OTC (US only)
  • Biological Seed Treatment

End-Use Analysis

Each country/market segment contains the following information (some markets, where appropriate):

  • Country Background 
  • Biological Pesticides Overview
  • Types of Biological Control

For each crop section covered:

  • Pest and Diseases Treated
  • Sales by Brand 
  • Sales by Active Ingredient 
  • Sales by Supplier
  • Treated Acres 
  • Outlook for biopesticide sales by segment for the next five years


Includes an interactive database which will allow subscribers to customize data to fit their needs


Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for any organization interested in the emergence of the biopesticide market, its technologies, products and key companies. Specifically, it will assist subscribers by providing: 

  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of current brand sales, emerging technologies, and company positions
  • Forecasted outlook for the next five years for each crop segment and insights into new technologies and expected market developments
  • An interactive database which will allow manufacturers and marketers to customize data to fit their needs

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