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KlinePULSE Health & Wellness Industry Trends: U.S. Annual Subscriptions Service

Publication: Monthly
Regional Coverage: United States

Program Highlights

  • Based on Kline’s vast database of market size and industry trends
  • Updated with rigorous primary and secondary research
  • Comprehensive coverage of OTC and supplement categories
  • Full picture assessment of all distribution channels
  • Emerging industry trends
  • Exclusive subscriber benefits
  • Fresh content published monthly


Market Insights

  • Reports look at the big picture, delivering key insights, growth drivers, market dynamics, product trends, and where the industry is headed.

Trusted, Objective Market Sizing and Forecasts

  • Sourced from extensive primary and secondary research
  • IRI MULO data forms a basis of our estimates
  • Further refined to include sales via alternate channels from our B2B interviews with marketers and other industry participants
  • Objective source to inform new product developments, benchmark the competition, discover emerging industry trends, and uncover opportunities for growth
    • — Full coverage of all channels of distribution including drug, food, mass, dollar, convenience, health food, online, and other alternate channels
    • — Outlook and five-year forecasts based on primary research

Data and Insights

  • Using our 40+ year history of tracking the health and wellness market, Kline provides detailed analysis of the self care market that is unrivaled.
  • Our vast network of industry contacts and deep understanding of brands, categories and manufacturers yields in-depth analysis and actionable insights.
  • New market trends and developments
    • — Shifts in retail distribution
    • — Holistic look at categories to consider all forms of competition from adjacent markets    including supplements, natural products, devices, Rx drugs, etc.
    • — Outlook including five-year forecasts with clear assumptions spelled out

Emerging Trends

  • Our reports take a deep dive into important topics impacting the industry, such as wellness, telemedicine and medical apps, and immunity.

Exclusive Subscriber Benefits

  • Our seasoned team of industry experts is at your disposal to deliver a customized presentation, help you dive deeper into our content, and prep for planning meetings and the coming year. One day of dedicated service time is included per year.

2022 Proposed Publication Schedule*

With KlinePULSE, you will receive timely updates on the industry:

  1. Four In-Depth reports will provide comprehensive assessments of important business issues
  2. Eight Hot Topic briefs will provide timely, succinct deliverables that are easily digestible and will help inform business decisions throughout the year
JAN 22 FEB 22 MAR 22 APR 22 MAY 22 JUN 22
Recent Rx-to-OTC Switch Case Studies​ ​Topical and Oral Analgesics Immune Support ​Cough, Cold and Flu Allergy Sleeping Aids: Devices, OTCs, and Natural products​
JUL 22 AUG 22 SEP 22 OCT 22 NOV 22 DEC 22
Digestive Health and Probiotics​​​ Retail Channel Distribution Trends Prevention Versus Treatment
Executive Presentation**
Anxiety, Stress and Mental Wellness Nutritional Supplements Year in Review and Industry Outlook
In-Depth Report
Hot Topic Brief
**Exclusive Premium Subscriber Benefit
*Subject to change based on charter subscriber input and industry developments



  • Immune Support
    • Vitamins B12, C, and D
    • Calcium
    • Zinc
    • Magnesium
    • Echinacea
    • Elderberry
    • Turmeric
  • Cough/Cold/Flu
    • Cold medications
    • Cough syrup
    • Cough drops and sore throat lozenges
    • Nasal decongestants
    • Chest rubs
  • Allergy
    • Oral sedating antihistamines
    • Oral low-and-non-sedating antihistamines
    • Intranasal steroids
    • Eye allergy drops
  • Digestive Health
    • Antacids
    • Antidiarrheal medications
    • Laxatives
    • Prebiotics
    • probiotics​
  • Analgesics
    • Oral analgesics
    • Topical analgesics


  • Stress, Anxiety, and Mental Wellness
    • CBD
    • Ashwagandha
    • Chamomile
    • GABA
    • Kava Kava
    • Lavendar
    • L-Theanine
    • Rhodiola
    • SAM-e
    • Valerian
  • Nutritional Supplements
    • Multivitamins
    • Single-letter vitamins
    • Minerals
  • Specialty supplements
    • Brain health
    • Eye health
    • Heart health
    • Joint health
  • Sleeping Health
    • OTCs
    • Natural and herbals
    • Pain + sleep
    • Sleep devices


  • Drug stores
  • Mass merchandisers
  • Warehouse clubs
  • Food/grocery stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Health food stores
  • Dollar stores
  • Online


Our new, easy-to-use online report delivery system lets you access our incisive research in a flexible and time-saving manner.

Time-saving functionalities of KlinePULSE

  • Full portfolio search ability : Powerful, AI-based search functionality that makes it quick and easy to find your content
  • Multiple filters : Deep filtering options by industry, type, content, and publication
  • Easy access to reports : View reports and attachments in-app or download them
  • Personalized feed : Like, follow, bookmark, share, and flag for review

Subscription Benefits

Subscribers receive a continuous flow of our premium market intelligence content.

  • Validate internal data and assumptions
  • Trusted third-party source
  • Stay abreast of market developments and trends
  • Assess the market and competition
  • Identify opportunities and threats
  • Inform new product development
  • Evaluate channel diversification opportunities
  • Strategic planning

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