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Indie Brands Market in Brazil Investment Opportunities

A Factor Report

Analysis of the market and the main Brazilian Indie Brands

This study was developed by Factor de Solução Consultoria e Participações Ltda (Factor-Kline), Kline’s exclusive affiliate in Brazil, and which is fully responsible for the contents of the study.

In contrast to major cosmetics brands, indie brands or independent companies/brands were born of entrepreneurs’ willingness to fulfill industry gaps and dare with innovative products and a new way of managing business. These brands are usually run by their founders, targeting niche markets, and heavily investing in nontraditional marketing (social media).

Registering a two- to three-digit growth in recent years, indie brands are a phenomenon in the global beauty market and have become the hottest brands for cosmetics retailers because of their success with very specific consumer profiles. In Brazil it is not different. The Brazilian Indie Brands outperform total market performance by offering unique product concepts and proposals combined with attractive digital marketing for today’s consumer.

The study “Indie Cosmetics Brands Market in Brazil: Investment Opportunities”, developed by Kline´s long time affiliate company in Brazil , Factor de Solução(Factor-Kline) , analyzes this market and identifies these disruptive companies, assessing the factors that make them so successful with consumers and a source of opportunities for strategic and financial investors.

Content of the study

For this study, Factor offers two purchase options:

  • Profiles of the top 10 Brazilian indie brands
  • Full study with 50 Brazilian indie brands profiles

The profiles include:

  • Brand positioning, concept & value proposition
  • Challenges and Opportunities
    Company overview
  • Product portfolio description
    Best-selling products and range of prices
  • Marketing strategy and activities
    Strategies for distribution and expansion of retail activities
  • Industrial structure (outsourced vs. own manufacturing) and innovation
  • Brand sales and growth in 2019 (estimates)
  • Growth projection

List of the 50 brands analyzed

Apse Cosmetics
Barba Brasil
Barba Brava
Barba de Respeito*
Barba Forte*
Black Barts
By Samia*

* Top 10 indie brands

Care Natural Beauty
Cativa Natureza*
Cia da Barba
Don Alcides*
Dr. Jones*
Ekilibre Amazônia Elemento Mineral Essencial Organics
Face It
Feito Brasil
Force Men
Glory by Nature
Jaci Natural
Lola Cosmetics*

Men Skin
Oh My!
Pink Cheeks*
Quintal Dermocosmético
Senhor Barba
Simple Organic*
Twoone Onetwo
Único Desodorante

Scope & Methodology


This study will map the cosmetic indie brands market in Brazil as well as identify and provide the profiles of 50 Brazilian indie brands.


This study is based on interviews with companies in various links of the cosmetics industry chain and in the analysis of public information and/or information available through Factor- Kline in Brazil and internationally. Factor-Kline’s approach mainly emphasizes primary research techniques to ensure that our database is accurate, updated, and reliable. Our professional teams use industry and business expertise to understand and interpret global impacts and local perspectives.

Primary Research

Our interviews involve experts in all relevant sectors of the market, including:

  • Retailers
  • Distributors
  • Suppliers
  • Associations

Secondary Research

Constant monitoring of annual corporate reports, national statistics offices reports, trade/industrial/professional associations’ reports, specialized publications and alike.

Factor-Kline (São Paulo-Brazil) is the affiliate company of The Kline Group in Latin America, being the one responsible for all businesses and client relations for Kline & Co in the region.

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