Ingredients for Household, Industrial, and Institutional Cleaning Applications

Base Year: 2020
Published 1st Quarter 2021
Regional Coverage: Brazil, China, Europe, India, Middle East, Southeast Asia, United States, Rest of the World

A comprehensive analysis examining the ingredients market for cleaning applications globally with focus on the seven most important markets. The study has two deliverables: Database and Report. One report per region will focus on key trends, drivers, and restraints in the market.​


  • More than 120 ingredients covered within 12 ingredient groups as given in table 1
  • Two end-uses split out
    • Household
    • Industrial and Institutional
  • Five applications
    • — Laundry care
    • — Hard surface cleaners
    • — Dish care
    • — Deodorizers and disinfectants
    • — Floor care



Database provides information on the level of the ingredient across all ingredients groups and allows users to fully customize view.

Data available includes the following:

  • Consumption of each ingredients by application and region
  • Consumption by end-use across applications (household vs. I&I)
  • Supplier sales by chemical type and region
  • Average market pricing of chemical by region
  • Historical and forecast consumption (2014-2025)

Concise reports 

Report includes one chapter per ingredient group for each of the seven main regions. Each chapter will provide information on:

  • Ingredients pricing
  • Market sizing
  • Market drivers and restraints including trends
  • Appraisal and outlook

Reports are designed to qualitatively explain market dynamics showed in the database.

Table 1. Ingredient Groups Covered​​
Ingredient Groups​ Ingredient Examples​
Antimicrobials​ BIT, CIT/MIT, PCMC, PCMX, Quats, etc.​
Bleach and bleach activators​​ Perborates, TAED< Hydrogen peroxide, etc.​​
​Enzymes​ ​Amylases, Cellulases, Lipases, etc.​​
​Fragrances​​​ Fragrances​​
​Functional polymers​​ ​CMC, PVP, PVPP, PET-PEG Copolymer, PE Wax, etc.​​
Odor control agents​​ Cyclodextrins and Zinc salts​​
​Optical brighteners​​​ Distyryl and stilbene derivatives, DSDBP, etc.​​​
​Organic sequestrants​​​ Citrates, Phosphonates, EDTA and derivatives, etc.​​​
​Rheology control agents​​​ CMC, HEC, Bentonites, Carbomer, etc.​​​
​Specialty silicones​​​ Functionalized and nonfunctionalized fluids, etc.​​​
Solvents​​​ Organic solvents​​​
Surfactants​​​ Alkyl benzene sulfonates, Alcohol ethoxylates, etc.​​​

Report Benefits

Through this global program, subscribers will be better positioned to exploit identified business opportunities at a day-to-day operational level and during the strategic planning process, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, which is expected to drive demand for cleaning products. This program provides subscribers with:

  • A reliable and independent assessment of the market for ingredients within household, industrial, and institutional cleaning products
  • Identification of key growth by product and application to enable development of targeted sales and marketing strategies to exploit high growth areas
  • Forecasting scenarios from which to base solid strategic business plans

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