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Medical Dispensing Skin Care: Global Market Brief

Base Year: 2021
Published: Q3 2021
Regional Coverage: Asia-Pacific​, North America​, Europe​, Middle East and Africa​, Latin America

The medical dispensing channel has been the bright spot in the professional skin care industry for several years. This report captures the market size of medical dispensing skin care for over 65 countries globally. This research has immense benefits as it can help identify opportunistic markets to enter and assess the brand share of the market, as well as serve as a key asset for strategy planning and acquisition activities.


  • Two key deliverables: an Excel workbook and a written report ​
  • Sales of professional skin care products to physicians, including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, general practitioners, medical spas, and clinics​
  • Regions covered​
    • Asia-Pacific​
    • North America​
    • Europe​
    • Middle East and Africa​
    • Latin America​
  • Sales reported at manufacturers’ level (sell-in) for 65 countries for 2020 and 2021​
  • Economic indicators for perspective are included​
    • Population​
    • GDP Per Capita

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and marketers of professional skin care products distributing through medical care providers. Specifically, the report:

  • Provides the global market size for medical dispensing skin care products
  • Identifies potential markets for these products
  • Assists with expansion plans

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