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Opportunities in Immersion Coolants: Global Market Analysis

Base Year: 2022
To be Published: Q2 2023
Coverage: Global

Global electronic cooling technology is witnessing developments driven by new challenges, ranging from the growing heat intensity in computing/electronic equipment to the need to maximize battery performance in electric and fuel-cell vehicles. Immersion cooling technology is making a strong headway in industrial and automotive applications alike, unlocking an array of opportunities for the suppliers of these fluids in both IT infrastructure and automotive applications.
This study provides a comprehensive analysis and appraisal of the market for immersion coolants.


  • Overview of immersion cooling industry​
  • Description of existing and budding applications areas for immersion cooling, including IT infrastructure /electronic, automotive, and others.
    • - Key drivers of immersion cooling technology in IT infrastructure applications such data centers, high-performance computing, cryptocurrency, and edge devices​
    • - Key drivers of immersion cooling technology in electric and fuel-cell vehicles​
  • Market size for immersion cooling by application, covering leading fluid types used for immersion cooling and their maintenance practices
  • Key suppliers of immersion cooling fluids and their product descriptions
  • Market developments: Industry regulations, standards, trends, sustainability standpoints, news, and other updates impacting growth in this market
  • Key drivers and restraints for growth in immersion cooling technology
  • Outlook for global immersion cooling market
  • Opportunities and threats

Table of Contents


Executive Summary
An overview of the report findings, plus forecast based on Kline’s Forecasting Model

Immersion Cooling Market Overview

  • Overview of the immersion cooling industry and its applications
  • Description of key IT infrastructure/ electronic applications, such data centers, high-performance computing, cryptocurrency, and edge devices
  • Description of key automotive applications—electric and fuel-cell vehicles

Overview of Immersion Cooling Fluids

  • Regulatory environment for immersion cooling fluids—standards, characteristics, and minimum requirements
  • Description of key existing and emerging fluid technologies for immersion cooling—mineral oil/GTL fluids, synthetic fluids, fluorocarbon-based fluids, and glycol-based fluids

Global Immersion Coolant Market

  • Global demand analysis for immersion coolants by application type
  • Description of leading fluid types used in immersion cooling and maintenance practices followed


  • Key suppliers of immersion coolants and their products

Market Developments and Drivers

  • Key developments, regulatory updates, and news in the market for immersion coolants impacting the demand for these fluids
  • Key drivers and restraints for growth in immersion cooling technology

Outlook and Appraisal

  • Five- and 10-year outlook for immersion coolants
  • Market appraisal and opportunities

Report Benefits

This report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and formulators of non-conductive fluids that can be used in data centers for liquid immersion cooling. Specifically, this report will assist subscribers by providing:

  • A highly reliable and independent assessment of the global immersion coolants market, highlighting fast-growing IT infrastructure and automotive applications
  • Key fluid technologies, characteristics, and usage practices for immersion cooling in the existing and new applications
  • Industry developments, demand drivers and restrains for growth in the immersion cooling technology, and industry outlook

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