Amalgam OTC Digital Tracking Service

OTC Digital Tracking Service


To be published monthly starting Q4 2018

New web extraction tool that continuously tracks OTC brand performance online

Based on a continuous collection, aggregation, and blending of data from leading retailer websites, this new interactive online service uses a proprietary algorithm to score thousands of OTC brands based on their ranking among best-selling product listings, customer ratings, prevalence, and duration on the charts. This service allows you to learn which OTC brands are winning online, monitor competition, and benchmark your OTC brands’ performance online.


Two deliverables include a monthly database and quarterly written report.

  • The interactive online database allows users to view data on thousands of OTC products
    organized by: product class, category, segment, brand, company, price and score.
    Database contents will be updated monthly.
  • The information contained in the monthly database and quarterly reports will help your
    organization be better informed about online OTC trends and give you the ability to be more
    nimble when adjusting online marketing strategies for your brands.

Scope & Benefits

Anti-gas products
General pain relievers (oral)
Pain and sleep aids
Topical pain relievers
Allergy relief products
Cold and sinus medications
Cough drops and syrups
Nasal decongestants

This service provides subscribers with a single source to monitor and assess OTCs online.

  • Understand which OTC brands
    are winning online
  • Benchmark your brands’
    performance online with
    competing brands
  • Identify new brands early and
    understand where they are
    being sold online
  • Analyze pricing trends
  • Monitor competition
  • Continuously monitor OTC
    brands to better predict future
    market trends



Based on a continuous collection, aggregation, and blending of data, Kline scans leading retailer websites
on a weekly basis to collect data on sales ranking, ratings, and the number of reviews for the leading
OTC brands in each category and runs this data through our proprietary algorithm to score brands.
Retailer websites scanned include: Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and Rite Aid.

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