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The PCMO Market in 2040: A Long-term Outlook

Base Year: 2020
Published Q1, 2021
Regional Coverage: Global

The world is facing a revolution in mobility, triggered by climate change concerns and rapid technological advances in the fields of electric powertrain, ride sharing, and autonomous vehicles. The growth in electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles has the potential to greatly reduce the consumption of passenger car motor oils (PCMO). As ride-sharing becomes more widespread, reliable, and economical, future car owners may decide to forego car ownership. This will also have the impact of reducing PCMO consumption.


  • Assessment of the current and projected passenger car fleet in the leading country markets
  • Analysis of vehicle ownership and usage characteristics in the leading country markets
  • Current and projected PCMO demand in the leading markets by viscosity grades, quality levels, and channels
  • Current and projected penetration of electric vehicles and impact on the PCMO market
  • Current and projected size of ride-sharing fleet and impact on the PCMO market
  • Effect of COVID-19 on the penetration of electric vehicles and implications  on the PCMO market
  • Market outlook and opportunities and challenges in the emerging PCMO market


Report Contents


Global Overview

  • An overview of the PCMO market in 2040
  • The electrification of vehicles and impact on PCMO
  • The ride-sharing economy and impact on PCMO
  • Autonomous vehicles and their impact on PCMO


Table 1. Countries Covered
Australia​ ​Japan​
Brazil​​ ​Mexico​​
Canada​​ ​Norway​​
China​ ​​Russia​
​France​​ ​South Korea​​
Germany​​​ ​United Kingdom​​​
India​​​ ​United States​​​
Indonesia​​ ​​​

Country Profiles
Detailed profiles of 15 leading country markets are provided, as listed in Table 1, including the following information:

  • Passenger vehicles fleet size and growth
    Description of passenger vehicles fleet by vehicle size; fuel consumed; vehicle age; leading OEMs; and trends in production, sales, and population growth
  • PCMO market overview: PCMO demand by viscosity grades, quality, trade channels
  • Electrification of passenger vehicles
    Current usage of battery electric and hybrid vehicles, government targets and regulations promoting electrification, charging infrastructure, economics relative to conventional vehicles, and consumer attitudes
  • Ride-sharing economy
    Current ride-sharing fleet size and growth, regulations covering ride-sharing, consumer attitudes, attitudes of taxi unions, and assessment of the potential for displacement of personal use passenger vehicles
  • PCMO 2040 Market Outlook
    Implications for key players in the PCMO industry

Report Benefits

This report assists lubricant marketers in identifying opportunities and challenges within the PCMO industry. It is also an invaluable tool in the strategic planning process. Specifically, the report helps subscribers:

  • Develop an understanding of the disrupting technologies that are reshaping the PCMO market
  • Develop multiple market scenarios and assess the impact of these on the PCMO market
  • Design and develop products and market strategies for the emerging PCMO market

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