Personal Care Ingredients: Surfactants Market Analysis

Base Year: 2018
Published: 2019/2020
Regional Coverage: Europe, United States, China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Rest of World

Surfactants is the most consumed ingredient group in the personal care industry. Its demand is driven by daily use products, such as shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, shaving creams, and liquid soaps. For that reason, surfactants are among the most resilient ingredients during the COVID-19 pandemic.


For each region, at the level of a single ingredient, the study provides:

  • Product overview by surfactant category and ingredient
  • Market size and overview by application and nature of ingredient (synthetic vs natural)
  • Supplier sales by ingredient type, application, and region


  • Average market pricing
  • Consumer perceptions
  • Forecast consumption of ingredients within a five-year timeframe

Forecasts through 2023

Table of Contents


The database provides information on surfactant ingredients group levels across all ingredients and allows users to fully customize the view. Data available includes the following:

  • Consumption by application and region
  • Supplier sales by region
  • Average market pricing by region
  • Historical and forecast consumption (2014-2023)

Concise report

Report includes information on:

  • Ingredients pricing
  • Market sizing
  • Market drivers and restraints, including trends
  • Appraisal and outlook

The report is designed to qualitatively explain market dynamics shown in the database.

COVID-19 add-on report

Subsequently published in April 2020, this report analyzes the impact of the sanitary crisis on the personal care industry and ingredients suppliers.


Conditioning Polymers Covered​​
Ingredient Groups​ Ingredient Examples
Amphoterics Amphoacetates​, betaines, sultaines​
Anionics​ Acyl glycinates​, acyl isethionates​, alkoxylates​, alkyl sulfonates​, carboxylates​, glutamates​, sarcosinates​, sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium lauryl ether sulfate , sulfosuccinates​, taurates​​​
​Cationics​ Behentrimonium chloride​, cetrimonium chloride​, other QACs​, quaternium 18​, soytrimonium chloride
​Co-surfactant​ Alkanolamides
​Nonionics​ Amine oxides​, caprylyl/capryl glucoside​, coco glucosides​, decyl glucosides​, fatty alcohol ethoxylates​, lauryl glucosides
​Opacifiers​ Opacifiers
​Pearlizers​ Pearlizers

Report Benefits

This report is a practical tool designed for marketing, business, and product managers. It will help them:

  • Empower sales, marketing, and strategic management personnel to utilize the most current personal care ingredient data
  • Learn key product usage patterns for each specific market segment and active ingredient volumes, including generics
  • Understand the competitive landscape and market share situation at the level of the ingredient for each region

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