The demand for plant-based meat alternatives is quickly growing globally, owing to the rising environmental concerns associated with livestock production, the increasing demand for plant-based and natural food products, and the perceived negative health impacts of red meat.  Some government bodies across the world are supporting the plant-based meat analog industry to reduce meat consumption, estimated to have reached more than 34Kg per capita on a global basis. All these elements are echoed by the surge in flexitarian and vegetarian trends. As this segment is rapidly expanding across the globe, it is essential for companies to comprehend developing technologies and key ingredients. Download this highlights presentation to learn about:

  • The current state of the global market

  • Fastest-growing categories

  • Existing and emerging processing techniques

  • Leading protein ingredients

Plant-Based Meat: Processing Alternatives and Ingredients Assessment

To better understand the science behind plant-based meat alternatives, please refer to our Plant-Based Meat: Processing Alternatives and Ingredients Assessment report.

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