Professional Nail Care: U.S. Value Market Analysis

Base Year: 2018
To Be Published 3rd Quarter 2019
Regional Coverage: United States

This study will look at the so-called “value market” for distribution of professional nail care products such as nail polishes, gels, long wear nail polishes, care products, and nail enhancements. This study will assess the size of the market of products sold through independent distributors in the U.S. mostly held by Vietnamese mand South Korean independent distributors. It will take a deeper look at distribution structure, brands carried, trends and sales by category, but also gives an opportunity to understand such important topics like decision-making process of value market distributors.

This Report Will Answer Such Questions As:

  • Which territory distributors operate in, and how many salons do they service?
  • How many and which brands distributors do work with?
  • What is important in brand selection by distributors?
  • How many nail salons are serviced by value distributors in the United States?
  • Which product categories prevail in this distribution?
  • Which pomotional tools should be used while working with value distributors?

Based on an extensive survey with distributors and salons nationwide!

Report Contents


  • Market size and growth (2017 and 2018)
  • Market split by ethnicity of distributors (Vietnamese, Korean)
  • Category performance (see Table 1)
  • Category sales and growth (2017 and 2018)
  • Category sales split by product type (See Table 1)
  • Key trends and drivers
  • Key product launches
  • Key brands’ sales
  • Distribution structure (number of value distributors, number of salons purchasing from value distributors)
  • Marketing overview (promotional tools used by value distributors and marketers that sell to value
  • Competitive landscape (key brands sold through value distributors)
  • Outlook (sales forecast from 2018-2023)

* Subject to charter subscriber input

Professional Nail Care Table 1

Scope & Benefits

Professional Nail Care U.S.: Value Market Analysis will provide subscribers not only a comprehensive overview of size and structure of value market distribution of professional nail care products, but also a truly in-depth view into key characteristics of value distributors and their decision-making process in brand selection as well as promotional tools used.

  • Based on in-depth face-to-face interviews with independent “value” distributors located in three key areas for professional nail care distribution: California, Texas, and Illinois.
  • Distribution channel analysis of products used to perform standard manicures and pedicures in professional channels such as salons and spas.

This report will complement Kline’s Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief program by adding depth to the analysis of important decision-makers and clients of professional nail care brands — value market distributors.

  • An unbiased and comprehensive examination of the value distribution channels in the U.S. professional nail care market.
  • Information to exploit business opportunities by understanding the structure of the market and key needs of professional nail care brands’ business partners—independent distributors from two key ethnic groups: Vietnamese and South Korean.
  • A resource to augment business plans with reliable insights and data.
  • A perspective on the key criteria used by distributors while choosing the brands they work with to better leverage the market presence
    and penetration using the right communication and tools.
  • One day of consultation with members of the research team, which may be used for strategic planning assistance or to explore specific information, which might not be covered in this report.

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