Professional Skin Care Private-label Products: Importance and Demand Survey

Base Year: 2019
To Be Published 1st Quarter 2020
Regional Coverage: United States

Augmenting 15+ years of extensive reporting of the professional skin care market, our U.S. Professional Skin Care report shows that private-label products record double-digit gains in the medical care providers channel in 2018. In addition, our recently published Physician-Dispensed Skin Care Survey reveals that a large number of physicians have private label as their top revenue-generating brand, underscoring the importance of private label in physicians’ offices. This first-edition report will focus on the dynamic role of private-label skin care products for back-bar and take-home use that are dispensed through physicians’ offices in the United States. Our analysis will examine the impact that these products have or will have in the future on the professional skin care competitive landscape.

This Report Will Help Subscribers to:

  • Understand what motivates physicians to switch to private-label offerings
  • Identify the most important factors that physicians consider when choosing to carry their own brand
  • Assess if private-label skin care products in a physician’s office are a threat to existing brands
  • Show which brands co-exist the most frequently with private-label products
  • Learn which suppliers/contract manufacturers are preferred by physicians and what makes them choose one over the other
  • Pinpoint what product types are prominent for private-label offerings


Report Contents

Results from the survey will be delivered in a PowerPoint presentation. Below are details of how the survey will be reported.

Key Findings at a Glance
This report section will highlight key findings from the survey and the key factors that influence physicians to dispense private-label skin care products in the United States. Findings will be shown by physician type (Table 1).

The Business of Private-label Skin Care
This report section will provide a perspective on the state of private-label products in the professional skin care market today and what can be expected in the future.  Also included will be highlights from our survey on areas such as the importance of private label and its demand.

What Matters Most
This section will show exactly how important specific factors, as listed in Table 2, are in the skin care providers’ decisions to use/offer a private-label professional skin care product. The results will help subscribers see the key reasons why physicians choose private labels over branded products.

This section will provide subscribers with valuable recommendations and opportunities.

Professional Skin Care Private Label Provider Type

Professional Skin Care Private Label Key Attributes

Scope & Benefits

Professional Skin Care Private-label Products: Importance and Demand Survey will provide marketers with an objective view of what factors physicians consider when creating their own brand. This report will enlighten subscribers on where the gaps are for well-known branded lines and what the driving factors are for prompting a doctor to develop his/her own brand. Our panel will consist of the following:

  • Physicians and medical offices in the United States that have private-label skin care products as their
    largest and second largest revenue generating brand, selected at random
  • The vast majority of panelists will be plastic surgeons, dermatologists, or medical spa locations

This report will provide subscribers with an accurate picture of the importance of private-label skin care products in physicians’ offices. It will also help subscribers understand the key factors contributing to physicians dispensing private-label skin care products. It will also help subscribers exploit business opportunities by identifying the key factors that allow brands to expand their distribution into these physicians’ offices. The report will also:

  • Identify how important dispensing private-label products is for each physician type
  • Identify the differences that exist based on total revenues generated by physician type

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