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Professional Hair Care Retailing: Channel Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2017 for U.S. and 2018 for U.K.
Report Published November 2018
Regional Coverage: United States and United Kingdom

Professional hair care brands are increasingly exploring possibilities of take-home sales of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products outside the salon. In countries such as the United States and United Kingdom, where take-home sales are prominent, the selling of professional products outside the professional environment is undertaken by many marketers looking for opportunities to increase their overall sales in department stores, specialty stores, or online. This two-volume series contains separate volumes for the United Kingdom and the United States.


This study looks beyond the salon to deeply explore the other channels where professional hair care brands are sold, especially e-commerce and specialty/prestige outlets.


  • This study provides a thorough assessment of sales to consumers (not to professionals)
  • The scope is limited to professional hair care (conditioners, shampoos, and styling products)
  • Professional brands that generate a majority of sales through salons
  • Salon sales are excluded from the analysis
  • Geographical scope includes the United States and the United Kingdom
  • The study covers both brick-and-mortar locations, as well as online retailers

Table of Contents


Market Overview

  • Review of professional hair care market performance by channel and sub-channel
  • Channel evolution
  • Key channel and retailer highlights
  • Outlook to 2022 for U.S. and 2023 for U.K.

Channel Profiles

For each channel listed in Table 1, the following is provided:

  • Channel developments
  • Number of doors (where applicable)
  • Sales and door count by leading retailer
  • Estimated sales and growth by sub-channel (where applicable)
  • Sales of salon hair care products by product category (shampoos, conditioners, styling products)
  • Marketing activity
  • Outlook

Retailer Profiles

For each retailer listed in Table 2, the following is provided:

  • Core premise
  • Sales and door count (for retailers that have physical locations)
  • Prime type of locations (street vs. mall; for retailers that have physical locations)
  • Role of salon hair care:
    − Brands available
    − Merchandising activities
  • Pictures of store interior/snapshots of website
Table 1: Profiled Channels
Department stores
Mass outlets (food, drug, mass, club) only U.S.
​​​Specialty stores (cosmetic specialty, beauty supply stores
Table 2: Profiled Retailers
United Kingdom United States
Amazon Amazon
Freelunique Beauty Brands
Lookfantastic Bluemercury
John Lewis & Partners Nordstrom
Selfridges Sally Beauty
Sally Beauty Sephora
Space NK Ulta


Report Benefits

This comprehensive report enables subscribers to exploit business opportunities outside the traditional place where salon hair care products are sold—the salon. Showing the retailing dynamics in two key trend-setting markets of the United States and the United Kingdom allows subscribers to assess the opportunities and track what sales strategies their competitors are undertaking.

  • Quantifies sales that occur outside the salon and sales by purchase channel, focusing on hard-to track non-traditional channels
  • Delivers the information and insights required to capitalize on changes happening in sales of professional products
  • Includes one day of consultation time with members of the research team, which can be used for assistance with plans or to explore related industry information
  • Identifies and explains key purchase channels for professional hair products outside the salon

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