Professional Skin Care

Professional Skin Care: U.S. Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors Survey

To Be Published 2nd Quarter 2019
Regional Coverage: United States

Augmenting 15+ years of extensive reporting of the professional skin care market, Kline is pleased to announce our first edition of an independent research survey which will help marketers understand consumer attitudes and behaviors toward professional skin care services and products. Survey results will pinpoint what consumers value most when it comes to the treatments, brands, and types of products they use through physicians’ offices, spas, and salons, as well as who and what influences their decisions.

This Report Will Help Marketers to:

  • Understand the factors that consumers consider when choosing to book an appointment at a particular professional outlet
  • Learn what motivates a consumer to purchase a product after a service has been performed
  • Think about the best way to capture repeat purchases in a professional outlet
  • Prioritize efforts for future product development and marketing initiatives based on consumer type (spa-goers, physician-dispensed consumers)
  • Identify unmet consumer needs

Report Contents

Results from the survey are delivered in a presentation-style report. Below are details of how the survey is reported.

Our survey will be conducted with approximately 500 professional skin care consumers. A description of who is surveyed by consumer type is shown in Table 1. All consumers must have received a skin care service or purchased a skin care product through a professional outlet in the last three months to qualify as part of our panel.

Key Findings At a Glance
This report section will highlight key findings from the survey and what the key learnings are from consumers seeking professional skin care services and products through spas and salons and dispensing physicians in the United States. Findings will be shown by the spa consumer versus the aesthetic-physician consumer.

The Business of Skin Care
This report section will provide a perspective on the professional skin care consumer and what unmet needs exist for those visiting aesthetic physicians versus spas. Also included will be highlights from our survey areas, such as the importance of certain ingredients, service offerings, new offerings (micro-needling, vampire facials), repeat purchases (outlet versus e-commerce sites), facial areas (face, eye, neck, lips), and price points. 

What Matters Most?
This section will reveal exactly how important specific attributes are in the professional skin care consumer’s decision to seek skin care services and purchase products through professional outlets. These attributes are listed in Table 2. The results will help subscribers see if there is a gap between perceptions of what they believe to be important versus how our panel responds.  

This section provides subscribers with valuable recommendations and opportunities to best service their consumers.* Subject to charter subscriber input


Table 1: Skin Care Consumers Types
Spas and salon-goers
Aesthetic practitioner-goers (including dermatologists,
plastic surgeons, and medi-spas)
Table 2: List of Attributes
Consumer engagement

  • Consumer promotions (seasonal treatments/
    services, discounts, GWP)
  • Samples and testers
  • Social media engagement
  • Loyalty program for consumers
Products and services

  • Treatments offered
  • Treatment length and post-procedure recovery time
  • Ingredients, including olfactive values
  • Product/service education (product claims, clinical
  • Skin concerns addressed
Consumer Experience

  • Front desk
  • Venue
  • Ease of booking
  • Amenities
  • Recommendations from the physician or
    aesthetician (products/regimen)
  • Other (relaxation area, sauna)
Retailing Experience

  • Pricing (product/services)
  • Interactive shopping experience (merchandising
    displays/test products)
Purchasing decisions

  • Path to purchase (replenishing through the
    Internet versus the spa/physician)
  • Frequency of purchase of products/treatments
  • Sources of information to help make purchasing

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