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Salon and Stylists Purchase Channels

Base Year: 2024
To Be Published: Q4 2024
Regional Coverage: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States

As the professional hair care market becomes increasingly competitive, salons and stylists, who account for two-thirds of product sales, are losing market share while other sales channels are thriving. Understanding what works best to reach the heart of the professional hair care industry—salons and stylists—is critical for marketers to forge successful partnerships and increase sales.


This analysis integrates findings from a survey conducted among thousands of salons and independent stylists, complemented by insights gathered through unstructured interviews with industry experts spanning France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Quantitative Study

  • Sample size: 1,400 salons and 1,400 stylists
  • Method: Online questionnaire
  • Sample composition:
    • — Stylists:
      • — Female and Male, that are:
      • — Working full- or part-time as independent hair stylists, minimum 18 hours per week
      • — Working from their clients' homes, from their own homes, renting a chair or a space in a suite, or do mobile hairstyling with own vehicle
      • — All are responsible for choosing and buying products
    • — Salons: Owners/Managers/Stylists responsible for choosing and buying products

Unstructured interviews with industry experts from manufacturers, distributors, associations, media, or salons

Table of Contents

Information Gathered From Quantitative Survey:

  • Socio-demographics*
    • — Gender, age
    • — Length of career as a hairdresser and as an independent hairdresser
    • — Number of working hours per week
    • — Average number of customers seen per week
    • — Monthly revenue
  • Locations*
    • — Number of venues, type, and time spent
  • Customers*
    • — Client profile
    • — Time spent with each customer
  • Salon segmentation**
    • — Pricing of coloring services
    • — Pricing of haircuts (the above will allow to split the sample into premium, mid-tier, and economy salons)
  • Services
    • — Services provided
    • — Revenue split by type of service
    • — The average price customers pay for hair coloring, hair cutting, and styling, as well as men’s hair cutting
  • Brands
    • — Preferred brands and reasons behind selection
    • — Products used and sold to customers
    • — The amount paid for product purchase per month
    • — Expenditure split among products used or sold to customers
  • Purchase Channels
    • — Preferred purchase channels and reasons behind selection
    • — Share of each purchase channel on their total expenditure
    • — Number of channels they source products from
    • — Quantities of products bought online and traditionally
  • Product sales
    • — Share of product retail in their revenues
    • — What would encourage them to sell more products to customers
  • Business performance last year

*Independent stylists only
**Salons only

Information Gathered From Unstructured Industry Interviews:

  • Number of salons and hairdressers in the market
  • Number of hairdressers working independently
  • Sales channels of key marketers
  • Outlook
  • Additional insights helping understand the market and survey results

Key Benefits

This comprehensive analysis equips you with the knowledge to forge effective partnerships and agreements with salons and independent hairstylists tailored to their unique profiles and needs. It helps you to:

  • Understand the buying patterns of various salon tiers and independent stylists
  • Identify preferred purchase channels and expenditure share
  • Discover preferred brands along with the reasons for their choices
  • Reveal the factors motivating salons and stylists to increase product sales
  • Gain insights into revenue streams split by product retailing and services


  • Analysis combining findings from survey and unstructured interviews
  • Survey results tabulations
  • The possibility to compare results with previous editions
  • Incorporating expertise from our Salon Hair Care Global Series study

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