Stored Grain Insect Control: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities

Base Year: 2017
Published April 2018
Forecasts to 2022
Regional Coverage: Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, United States


This report provides subscribers with a complete look at the global stored grain insect control market for the 2017 calendar year. Separate report sections are included for on-farm, off-farm, and export grain treatments. Sales and volumes by brand are provided for each category.

This Report Helps Subscribers to:

  • Gain a global perspective of the pesticides used to control insects and rodents in stored grain
  • Understand who is responsible for treatment of stored grain
  • Supply sales by brand and supplier for stored grain category
  • Provide details of pest treated by commodity
  • Understand key chemical and non-chemical treatment methods
  • Key trends affecting the grain storage industry


Report Contents


Executive Summary

  • Includes Kline’s FutureView Scenario Forecasting Model

For each country covered, the following information is provided (crops covered vary by country, but include key stored grain crops):

Structure of the Industry

  • Numbers, types, and location of storage facilities
  • Organizational structure of off-farm facilities
  • Decision making for pesticide use
  • Responsibility for pesticide application by type of facility
  • Key variables that affect insect control in stored grain
  • Incidence of key insects and rodents by crop, and keys to control
  • Cultural practices and non-chemical control methods for insect control
  • Managing insects using chemical control applications
  • Chemicals, rates, and prices for on-farm and offfarm applications
  • Chemical sales by grain type
  • Developmental/emerging products/ technologies

On-farm insecticide market

  • Active ingredients and volumes used
  • Sales and market share by brand and supplier

Off-farm insecticide market

  • Sales and market share by brand and supplier
  • Active ingredients and volumes used
  • Leading storage facilities and capacities
  • Applicators and applicator methods

Export grain treatment market

  • Leading export facilities and volumes
  • Applicators and applicator methods
  • Sales and market share by brand and supplier


*Subject to charter subscriber input

Scope & Benefits

The study focuses specifically on the use of chemical controls for stored grain insect and rodent control for on-farm storage, off-farm storage, and export shipments of grain, reporting on wheat, corn, soybeans, rice and other important stored grains. This report provides an independent appraisal of the current market for stored grain insect control, the chemical market size, current and future control options, and unmet insect control needs.

Crops covered:

  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Soybeans
  • Rice
  • Others

Countries included:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


The report serves as an excellent resource for manufacturers and marketers of stored grain insect control products or those looking to enter this market. Details are provided on the key insects of importance in stored grain, the chemicals used to treat them, and the total value of these chemicals. Specifically, this report assists subscribers by providing an assessment of:

  • Brand shares for products used in stored grain insect control by crop
  • The current market size and structure
  • Treatment patterns for the on-farm, off-farm, and export shipment market segments
  • Chemical versus non-chemical pest control methods
  • Emerging products and technologies
  • Active ingredient volumes consumed by crop

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