The Professional Skin Care Consumer Survey

The Professional Skin Care Consumer: Attitudes and Behaviors Survey

Base Year: 2021
To be Published: 4th Quarter 2021
Regional Coverage: United States

Kline announces our second edition of an independent consumer survey to help marketers understand consumer behavior as it relates to visiting a professional outlet for aesthetic procedures and purchasing skin care products in a post-pandemic world.

We will look at Zoom dysmorphia to discover what role it may play in new consumer aesthetic choices, explore any shifts in channels where consumers are purchasing skin care products, and learn if those who visit professional skin care outlets have stayed true to their outlets/skin care preferences.


  • Skin care consumer
    • — Aesthetic practitioner-goers (including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas)
  • Impact of COVID-19 on consumers’ skin care routines
  • Expectations of returning to  professional outlets for services as well as make purchasing decisions for skin care products
  • Key attributes to be measured
    • — Services of greatest importance
    • — Product purchase and replenishment
    • — Changes in skin care concerns
    • — Future intentions/priorities
  • Sample size
    • — 500 consumers who go to aesthetic practitioners (including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas) and/or who purchase professional skin care products

Table of Contents


Key Findings

This report section will highlight key findings from the survey and the implications they will have on services and product purchases near and longer-term.

What changes occurred during lockdown?

We will explore the greatest changes (Table 1) that consumers made during the lockdown and if these new behaviors are temporary or will be maintained post-pandemic.

Specifically, we will determine whether new product purchasing habits have been established, where and how consumers are discovering professional skin care brands, if their at-home skin care routines have changed, and which in-office procedures are top priority.

What matters most?

This section will reveal exactly how important specific attributes are in the professional skin care consumer’s decision to seek skin care services and purchase products through professional outlets as well as the Internet.

​Skin care goals
​​Influencing factors for skin care purchase and/or aesthetic treatment​
​​Product/service preferences/priorities​
​​Product pricing​
​​Expenditures and purchase frequency​
​​Channel preferences ​

Report Benefits

This report will show how the general direction of consumer intentions regarding visits to professional outlets for services, as well as product purchases, may impact the sales of marketers in the near and long term. It will also help subscribers:

  • Understand skin care needs that consumers prioritized in 2020 and are carrying over to 2021
  • Prioritize efforts for future initiatives
  • Identify which services consumers are prioritizing and the unmet needs they have for skin care

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