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[Save the Date!] Webinar on Natural Beauty Around the Globe

Naturals have flourished globally, with the segment now representing a more significant proportion of the cosmetics & toiletries market around the world. In both Brazil and China, the dominance of nature-inspired brands was a predominant factor for the segment’s growth, while in Europe and the United States, truly natural indies take center stage.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the high single-digit growth rates recorded over the years are now questionable for the future, with certain categories impacted more than others. Join our upcoming webinar to truly understand the naturals movement around the world, along with its drawbacks, possibilities, and projections.


June 11, 2020 –  Our industry experts, Naira Aslanian and Nikola Matic, will consider natural personal care ingredients and brand ratings according to degree of naturalness, as well as regional characteristics in four continents and their key business drivers. If you’re interested in joining us, please register here.

Here is what you can learn from our webinar:

  • What are the key regional differences?
  • Which countries advance faster than others, and what are their key drivers?
  • What are the key trends and winning categories?
  • Will the naturals market be impacted, and how?
  • What are the key trends in naturals, and how will they impact ingredient suppliers?

For in-depth information, turn to our hot off the press study, Natural Personal Care Global Series, providing an in-depth analysis of the dynamic market for naturally positioned, organic, and clean beauty and personal care products across all categories and purchase channels. The report is global in scope, zooming in on key markets such as Brazil, China, Europe, and the United States. View brochure»

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