23 April, 2020 - [WEBINAR] Professional Beauty Europe Key Developments, Trends, and the Impact of Coronavirus

[Save the Date!] Webinar on Professional Beauty Europe: Key Developments, Trends, and the Impact of Coronavirus

Join our upcoming Professional Beauty Europe: Key Developments, Trends, and the Impact of Coronavirus webinar to understand the current state of the professional beauty industry as well as the impact of COVID-19, captured in Kline’s comprehensive forecast scenarios built on our extensive knowledge and years of tracking this market.

Our industry experts are looking forward to sharing their thoughts and data insights with you. Be ready for a broad, 360-degree overview of the professional beauty market in Europe, including such segments as Nail Care,Salon Hair Care, and Skin Care. If you’re interested in joining us, please register here.

Topics covered by our beauty industry experts:

♦ Market size, growth, and opportunities

♦ Key trends, changes, and challenges

♦ Competitive landscape highlights

♦ What’s ahead? What can you expect?

♦ Possible Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Beauty Industry Discussion:

  • Brief on current situation
  • Different scenario forecasts from 2019 through 2024 for categories including professional nail, salon hair, and skin care
  • Short discussion on 2020 pandemic vs. last recession

To explore more within segments and access a bigger database of market insights, check out a variety of our Professional Beauty industry reports that are ideal for manufacturers, marketers, retailers, and suppliers, or those who are looking to learn more about the exciting nuances of those fields.

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