Global Seed Treatment: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Shifting Sands are Seen in Seed Treatment While the Market Grows Modestly

Written by Mancer Cyr

Dennis Fugate, Industry Manager of Kline & Company’s Specialty Pesticides Group, is pleased to announce the publication of Global Seed Treatment: Market Analysis and Opportunities, Kline’s study of the 2016 global seed treatment market. Covering 12 countries in four regions, the company believes its report accounts for over 95% of the global market.

Fugate reports that seed treatment sales are estimated at $3.7 billion at the farm gate level, an increase of 9% on a “same country/same currency” from Kline’s prior edition covering the market in 2013. “While this represents a modest CAGR of 2.8%, there has been a great deal of shifting beneath the top line,” Fugate added, “mainly due to insecticide cancellations in Europe, growth in North America, and a strengthened U.S. dollar.” 

On a crop basis, corn and soybeans show growth, while small grains and specialty crops show declines, influenced by European market dynamics.

The list of the top four companies in the marketplace is unchanged from prior reports, but the rankings are different, with Monsanto and Bayer increasing and BASF and Syngenta declining.

Fugate sees an opening in Europe, and perhaps in other regions, as scrutiny continues to be focused on neonicotnoid insecticides. He predicts that insecticides with the right activity and environmental profile have two opportunities:

1) The seed treatment segment for those dedicated to that practice

2) In-furrow treatment for those who decide to switch cultural practices
Kline will be hosting a complimentary webinar covering the recently completed Global Seed Treatment: Market Analysis and Opportunities report on Wednesday May 3, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST.

If you would like to learn more about this market and join our webinar, please click here to register.

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