Naturals – The Outperformers of Beauty

Naturals – The Outperformers of Beauty

“Clean”, “Natural”, or “Green” are some terms used for the rapidly expanding movement in beauty and personal care, becoming a force to be reckoned with for the brands and retailers alike. In 2017, the natural personal care market records over 8% growth, with some categories outperforming the conventional market by more than three times. What is behind this robust growth? Our Natural Personal Care aims to take a closer look at the United States and Japan markets, with robust analysis and a deep dive into trends, brands, product categories, and outlook for the next five years.

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Natural Beauty in China and the United States

Webinar Tomorrow: Tracking the Rise of Natural Beauty in China and the United States

The natural beauty movement continues to evolve with markets such as China and the United States posting solid growth rates of nearly 10% and 9%, respectively, in 2017. Truly natural products come to the forefront as the clear winners in both markets despite some challenges along the way.

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Natural Beauty

Bringing Natural Beauty into the Mainstream

No longer a niche movement, naturally positioned and nature-inspired products continue to rise as consumers increasingly demand transparency and sustainability in their beauty products. The U.S. natural personal care market is thriving, recording strong growth of nearly 10% in 2016, with forecast growth to continue along the same trajectory for 2017, according to our Natural Personal Care Global Series report.

While previously only found in upscale specialty food retailers like Whole Foods, natural beauty has gone mainstream, entering traditional retailers, such as Target and CVS, in recent years, and the category continues to expand on the retail scene throughout 2017. Continue reading

Natural Personal Care

All Natural Products are Here to Stay

Now topping an estimated $36 billion at the manufacturers’ level and experiencing more than five consecutive years of double-digit growth, the natural beauty and personal care market is as vibrant as ever. Once thought of as a passing trend, the natural and organic movement has solidified itself an industry mainstay that gets stronger each year thanks to growing consumer demand and higher performance products.

Having natural ingredients alone used to be enough to satisfy the core natural user, but now that the trend has moved squarely into the mainstream, it’s more critical than ever that products deliver results. Continue reading

VIVANESS 2015: More Natural Every Year

VIVANESS 2015: More Natural Every Year

With the growth of the natural and organic cosmetics segment in Germany accounting for 14% in 2014, the German Nurnberg Messe is the perfect setting for such an event as VIVANESS – International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care. Over 200 natural personal care companies presented their products at the fair, and we were invited to present in the educational session Consumer Insights – worldwide; How Natural and Organic cosmetic gains ground. While there, we also picked up a few highlights and product trends from the show.Continue reading

Beauty Market

Natural Segment Continues to Outpace the Overall Beauty Market

The natural and organic personal care market has registered double-digit growth for the sixth consecutive year since Kline began reporting the burgeoning segment separately in 2007. Now at nearly $30 billion in global sales at the manufacturers’ level, natural beauty has solidified its position as a mainstay in the industry and as much more than a passing fad.

Growing consumer awareness and increasing efficacy of natural personal care products continues to attract consumers who are looking to move away from chemically processed personal care products. Plant-based ingredients were once enough to entice consumers; today a product’s function and efficacy are now regarded as at least as important as the ingredient source by many consumers.Continue reading