Sustainability in Professional Beauty: How Salons and Spas Are Going Green

Sustainability in Professional Beauty: How Salons and Spas Are Going Green

Salons and spas, in an effort to become more eco-conscious and offset their emissions, are partnering with companies that offer salon recycling solutions — and are recovering nearly 100% of their beauty waste in the process. With the salon industry churning out roughly 421,000 pounds of waste per day, we’re not just talking about a few empty shampoo bottles. 

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The Bond-Builder Wars: Who’s Coming for Olaplex’s Crown?

Olaplex may be royalty in the bond-builders market, but that isn’t stopping other companies from trying to claim its throne.

The brand, which introduced the world to bond builders in 2014, is today on the verge of going public, with the initial stock offering projected to potentially raise $1.23 billion. In 2020, Olaplex was the only brand among the top 10 to register an increase — it was up double digits for the year — and had the distinction of being the sole brand to not post a decline. Olaplex was also one of only a handful of companies in 2020 to show increases across every channel.Continue reading

Professional Hair Care Retailing

Salon Hair Care Brands Make a Move into Retail

The salon industry in both the United States and the United Kingdom witnessed healthy increases in 2015 and 2016; nevertheless, it seems like 2017 is nothing like previous years with decreases in salon revenues, as well as in salon retail.

The struggle is real for brands that stick to salons as their only clients. Kline PRO data shows a steep over 9% decrease in sell through sales for the period Q1-Q3 2017 compared to same period in 2016. We also see a similar pattern in terms of revenues from services—while growing healthily in 2016, sales for all types of services but treatments are down in Q3 2017. This is also confirmed by our preliminary results for the 2017 edition of Salon Hair Care: United States—the market is less dynamic than in previous years, and the little growth we see does not come from the salon environment, but from professional brand sales outside salons. The U.K. market, although showing a 3% increase in 2016, is also not as robust as previous years.Continue reading