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Beauty Devices Bring Out the Inner Aesthetician in Consumers

Valued at approximately $2.5 billion at the retail sales level, the market for at-home beauty devices in the United States and China performed better in 2020 compared to 2019 despite the coronavirus pandemic. The combined markets experienced a slightly stronger growth at 12.2% in 2020 compared to 11.9% in 2019. Both these markets had similarities in terms of key factors, such as the anti-aging category, multifunctional devices, and the direct sales channel, driving growth.  Continue reading

NuBody Skin Toning Device by NuFace

Beauty Devices: What’s Powering Growth?

Our recently published report on the beauty devices market showed optimistic growth in the United States in 2017, which was in contrast to the 3% decline the prior year. Globally, we expect that the beauty devices market will grow stronger in 2017 than in 2016, based on preliminary findings of our Europe and Asia research. Kline’s beauty device experts Kelly Alexandre and Karen Doskow weigh in on the market moving forward.
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Ziip Beauty Device Image credit: Ziip Beauty

Skin Care and Technology—A Good Cocktail in the European Beauty Devices Market

The at-home beauty devices market in Europe experiences solid growth of about 13% in 2016, with a plethora of opportunities to explore. The market is dominated by three-leading skin care concerns—hair removal, anti-aging, and cleansing—accounting for 75% of the total market sales in 2016. However, hair regrowth is the fastest-growing segment as U.S. marketers emphasize on establishing their brands in Europe.

The market has been categorized by the presence of generic devices targeting acne, anti-aging, cleansing, hair removal, and hair regrowth for a few years now. To break this status quo, marketers are beginning to embrace the concept of bespoke solutions by combining skin care and technology to develop customized skin care treatments for consumers. One such classic example is Skin Inc’s Optimizer Voyage Tri-light with NASA-based technology that uses Chromotherapy and Low Frequency Therapy to help boost the skin’s absorption.Continue reading

The Global Beauty Devices Market

10 Essential Tips for Success in the Beauty Devices Market

The past year has brought about a number of novel approaches and creative product launches to the world of beauty devices. In addition to new and improved anti-aging, microdermabrasion, and cleansing devices, marketers turned their attention to offering ancillary products including brush heads and skin care creams. They have also branched out to target new audiences with lower-priced options, as well as men with male-specific devices. All of these efforts resulted in market growth of nearly 18% worldwide, according to our recently published Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report.Continue reading

Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities

Democratizing Beauty: A Look at the Changing Face of Skin Care CEW Event in Southern California

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking at the CEW West Coast event, which is centered around one of my favorite topics—beauty devices. The event was well-attended by 250+ members and held at the very elegant and welcoming Shutters hotel in Santa Monica, CA.

I kicked off the meeting by sharing some of the topline influencers of today’s beauty devices market, along with exciting findings from our recently published Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report. As noted in our report, there’s certainly a need for more technology-based newness and opportunities to capture additional beauty device consumers through lower price points.Continue reading