ISSE 2018 Photo credit: Professional Beauty Association

Education Reigns in the Pro Beauty Space, ISSE Confirms

Education continues to reign supreme in the professional beauty industry, and this year’s ISSE show certainly confirms it with most brands stressing its importance. At this year’s show, we noticed a shift from the flashy stage acts to more usable techniques for the modern stylist, with brands demonstrating innovative looks and cutting-edge techniques.

Leading professional hair care brands, such as Redken, Moroccanoil, Olaplex, and Brazilian Professional, were all present at the show with large booths, showcasing their latest novelties. Conair featured its new education program for men’s cutting Barberology, whose single mission is to teach the latest barbering techniques. Indie brands like Amika and Pulp Riot had a huge following on both the technique and product side, with models showcasing the latest trends and runway looks. Continue reading

Professional Hair Tools and Appliances

Hot Dynamics to Watch Out for in Professional Hair Tools and Appliances

After years of minimal or no innovation in the professional hair tools and appliances market, we are now seeing some exciting developments, shaped by various innovations and novelties, as well as the growing barbershop trend. Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting dynamics:

Multifunctional professional hair tools and appliances – Similar to the salon hair care market, multipurpose functionality for easier and faster hair styling, drying, and even coloring is key. The U.S. professional hair care brand Pravana introduces a unique multifunctional product – Blonde Wand, a thermal straightening tool which combines a lightening cream with heat for quick results. The product claims to color hair in just 1.5 hours.Continue reading

Spotlight on Barbershops

Following the Barbershop Trend at the Barber UK Show

Last week, we attended the Barber UK show in Birmingham, a two-day show dedicated to barbershop brands and lovers alike to share the latest trends and novelties in this dynamic segment. The drastic growth in the number of barbershops in the United Kingdom is rooted in the increasing interest of male consumers longing for professional grooming, active marketing efforts, as well as the growing number of publications, such as the Barbers NV, Dear Barber, and Modern Barber, dedicated to this industry.

This year’s show offered several competitions staged in a boxing ring, which hosted top barbers in a ring “battle,” creating an exciting and fun atmosphere. With the abundance of training academies and workshops, such as the Foss Academy, driven by the United Kingdom’s top barber, Christ Foster, dedicated strictly to barbers, the show displayed massive interest in the ever growing barbershop market.Continue reading

Men's Grooming Regimen

March Madness: Male Grooming is a Slam Dunk

Male grooming, one of the most talked about trends for the past several years, has taken the beauty and personal care industry by storm. New product introductions, relaunches, aggressive marketing strategies by brands, and, most importantly, the accessibility and ease of purchasing of male grooming products with the click of a button have contributed to the category’s dynamic growth.

Once considered generally as part of the luxury segment, male grooming products have migrated to mass, with brands such as Cetaphil launching products like face washes, face cloths, face lotions, soaps, and lotions in 2016. Dove Men + Care, a brand launched in 2010, has become one of the most dominant brands in the industry, making waves across all categories—hair care, deodorants, skin care, and body washes/beauty bars. Similar to Dove’s meaningful True Beauty campaigns launched for its products for women, Dove Men + Care uses its positioning in the market to generate more significant national conversations for men as well.Continue reading