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Skin Care and Technology—A Good Cocktail in the European Beauty Devices Market

The at-home beauty devices market in Europe experiences solid growth of about 13% in 2016, with a plethora of opportunities to explore. The market is dominated by three-leading skin care concerns—hair removal, anti-aging, and cleansing—accounting for 75% of the total market sales in 2016. However, hair regrowth is the fastest-growing segment as U.S. marketers emphasize on establishing their brands in Europe.

The market has been categorized by the presence of generic devices targeting acne, anti-aging, cleansing, hair removal, and hair regrowth for a few years now. To break this status quo, marketers are beginning to embrace the concept of bespoke solutions by combining skin care and technology to develop customized skin care treatments for consumers. One such classic example is Skin Inc’s Optimizer Voyage Tri-light with NASA-based technology that uses Chromotherapy and Low Frequency Therapy to help boost the skin’s absorption.Continue reading

Beauty and Healthcare Devices

Consumers are Incorporating Self-care and Beauty Devices into their Daily Lives

As the beauty and nonprescription drug markets evolve, new and innovative devices offer competition to traditional and well-established brands. Historically, when consumers desired treatment for minor pain or allergies, conventional wisdom had them buying OTC medications to help their symptoms subside. While oral analgesics and oral and nasal allergy remedies continue to be large consumer markets, new device technologies offer consumers innovative ways to treat themselves using drug-free options. The growth rates for some of these new devices are a testament to the interest consumers have in using non-drug treatment options, coupled with a thirst for incorporating new technologies into their daily lives.Continue reading