Boutique Beauty Retailers

Specialty Stores Continue to Shine as New Formats Emerge

According to our recently published Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report, specialty store sales grow at a rate of about 11% in contrast to the overall market’s growth of approximately 4%. This is no surprise considering all of the activity that has taken place, from Sephora’s new TIP initiative to the opening of 100 new and larger Ulta stores from 2014-2015. Brands are also finding that opening their own flagship and subsequent free-standing boutiques in the United States and abroad helps personalize and connect a customer to a brand. Ultimately, this creates a unique brand experience and fortifies the growth of a beauty brand in a highly competitive environment.Continue reading

Erasing the Blind Spot of Specialty Retailing

Erasing the Blind Spot of Specialty Retailing

The boutique retailer channel, also called freestanding stores or vertically-integrated retailers, has been one of the hottest channels in the beauty industry for more than a decade, but it is also one of the least tracked in terms of data coverage. Leveraging Kline’s long history of successfully monitoring the specialty stores channel through its Beauty Retailing report series, Kline has announced a new study, Boutique Beauty Retailers: Channel Analysis and Opportunities, which will offer in-depth insights into the channel. In the following interview, Carrie Mellage, Kline’s Vice President of Consumer Products Practice, gives her perspective on the freestanding store channel and what this new study will offer.Continue reading

Beauty Retailing in the United States

Top 10 Checklist for Successful Beauty Retailing in the United States

Karen Doskow, our Director for Consumer Products practice, was recently invited to speak at HAPPI’s Brand Building Seminar about the challenging beauty retailing landscape in the United States. During her presentation, she revealed some interesting facts from our soon-to-be-published Beauty Retailing USA: Channel Analysis and Opportunities report. We have collated these gems into a top 10 list to share with you this week. These tidbits may not seem so impressive individually, but collectively they provide a menu of factors that should be considered to effectively navigate through the ever-changing beauty retailing landscape.Continue reading