Beauty Retailing: U.S. Channel Analysis and Opportunities

Traditional Beauty Retailers: Take a lesson from alternate channels.

Alternate retail channels are white hot in the beauty business, having grown sales nearly $1 billion since 2005. Instead of trying to figure out how to compete, traditional bricks-and-mortar brands should take a page from the alternate channel playbook and leverage these new opportunities to reach customers at their new favorite place to shop: at home.

Sales of cosmetic and toiletry products through alternate channels have exploded over the last five years, fueling a 5.2% growth in direct sales that is outpacing the total market more than three-fold. While conventional person-to-person sales are declining gradually since 2005, multi-media driven channels have snapped up sales, with e-commerce growing by more than 26%, home shopping networks up nearly 20%, and infomercials posting just over 17% growth. This upward trend is expected to continue as mobile technologies, social media, and online deal-hunting converge to help bricks-and-mortar and direct sales-only retailers reach a wider, more diverse, and engaged audience.Continue reading

A Focus on Hair Care

Kline at HBA 2011: A Focus on Hair Care

A presentation by Kline’s Kline’s Senior Associate Donna Barson.

This session will take you through the world of hair care and provide valuable tips on marketing  at every level. Included will be an overview of the hair care market, for all classes of trade, insights  for both launching and expanding brands, and a close look  at innovative branding strategies to make your product stand out in the crowded and confusing marketplace. Continue reading

Exciting new approaches are changing the face of beauty retailing in the US

Exciting new approaches are changing the face of beauty retailing in the United States

Beauty retailers and marketers in the United Statesare stepping up their game to come up with innovative ideas to draw in more consumers. As suggested by the latest research from Kline’s soon to be published report Beauty Retailing USA 2010: Channel Analysis and Opportunities, marketers are increasingly using alternative distribution channels to supplement their traditional core of retailer partners and marketing efforts.Continue reading