washing dishes in the restaurant

Food Safety and Environmental Concerns are Key Trends Among Commercial Foodservice Cleaning Professionals in Europe

When it comes to the professional cleaning of commercial kitchens, key market trends including control of foodborne illness, food safety, and strict sanitation regulations are all drivers propelling growth of foodservice cleaning products. Regulations increase cleaning frequency for end users but also push manufacturers to develop new products that protect human health and the environment. Food safety and prevention of foodborne illness are concerns for all end users but particularly those serving the public. These have led to improved sanitation practices and include higher cleaning standards, sanitizing of hands, sanitizing of dishes and other kitchen wares, and hygiene programs and training for employees.  Continue reading

Food Safety Cleaning Products in China

Raising the Bar on Food Safety Cleaning Products in China as the Chinese Government Tightens its Grip on Food Safety Oversight

While the quality and safety of food is a major benchmark of the economic development of any country, in China, the first major Food Safety Law was put in effect in 2009. Four years later with worsening safety issues and after a series of critical violations, the Chinese government is placing even greater importance on food quality, safety, and hygiene with a new set of regulations affecting food quality and food production, supervision of imported and exported food products, food inspection practices, and food hygiene.Continue reading