Cosmetics & Toiletries USA

The U.S. Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry Continues its Growth Trajectory

Governed by rapid changes and constant newness, the U.S. cosmetics and toiletries market is picking up the pace in 2017, growing by almost 1% faster than in 2016. New trends and exciting product launches are in, while consolidations in the industry continue, with several key shifts among the top players. As our annual flagship report – Cosmetics & Toiletries USA is now in publication with most of the chapters already being available, Naira Aslanian, the report’s project manager, answers questions on key discoveries. Continue reading

Beauty Retailing USA

The Holiday Season Calls for Increased Beauty Promotions

With less than a week until the holidays, consumers are busy shopping for last minute deals and steals. Holiday bundles and kits, free gifts with purchase, friends and family sales, and buy one, get one free are all promotional strategies beauty retailers have been using to drive sales during the festive season.

However, what is different in 2016 is consumers’ increase in savviness in where they can get the most value for their dollar. With consumers buying wherever they can find the best deal, retailers and marketers have proven that they are willing to accommodate changing consumer preferences by offering exclusive online deals.Continue reading