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Personalization and Social Media Drive Sales of U.S. Beauty Brands

The U.S. beauty market is driven by technological advancements that allow personalized beauty solutions on various levels. High double- to triple-digit growth is seen among those brands that manage to capitalize on personalized approaches in 2015. Driven by these high growth brands and particular product categories, sales of cosmetics and toiletries increase by 3.8% in 2015.

Personalization starts at the product level when brands like Skin Inc., Lancôme, or Mix-o-logie offer their custom beauty regimens or scents, and continues through personalized products suggestions offered by beauty apps or targeted marketing messages through various social media platforms.Continue reading

Cosmetics & Toiletries USA

Makeup’s New Power Trends for 2016

In 2015, retail sales of makeup in the United States soared to $13.2 billion, which is the largest growth for the market since 2011. Our soon-to-be-published published edition of Cosmetics & Toiletries USA pinpoints that such stellar growth of the makeup market is partly attributed to viral trends initiated by celebrities and social media makeup artist influencers.

We recently attended The Makeup Show, a professional makeup artist event in New York City. This event solidified that the makeup industry continues to be shaken by social media makeup artists, as well as the alarming rate that trends go viral on the Internet. With the first half of 2016 quickly coming to an end, we wanted to take a look at the makeup trends we saw at the recent event, as well as well as other trends driving market growth in 2016.Continue reading

Cosmetics & Toiletries USA

Sophisticated Selfie Makeup Products Spur the Beauty Market

Recently published data from Kline’s annual Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report reveals that the makeup product class, which grows by nearly twice the market average, spurs the beauty industry forward in 2015. Trends like the highly coveted power brow, facial sculpting through techniques, such as contouring and strobing, and bold, luscious lips all contribute to a successful year for makeup. Kline’s expert insider Kelly Alexandre answers some key questions regarding the market’s performance and what to look for in the future.Continue reading

Cosmetic Textiles

Cosmetic Textiles – Where Beauty Meets Fashion

The fashion and beauty industries have always been closely aligned, with runway trends often dictating the latest crazes in makeup and hairstyles. The two industries have now officially collided with the arrival of cosmetic textiles. The cosmetotextile market’s recent rise is paving the way for a new means in which consumers can consider their garments, providing a new growth avenue for both cosmetic and apparel manufacturers.Continue reading


Best of Beauty at CEW’s Product Demonstration Event Doesn’t Disappoint!

CEW’s Product Demonstration, an annual event where beauty’s best showcase their finest creations, took place last week at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York. Over 800 exciting new products were presented across several product categories, ranging from skin care to hair appliances, which appeared for the first time ever at the event.

Kline was excited to see that many of the products profiled in its latest edition of Beauty Devices: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities were showcased at this year’s event. Age-defying, innovative devices, such as JeNu’s Ultrasonic Infuser System, Tria’s new Age Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting Laser, and Clarisonic’s Alpha Fit made their mark again, following the success of Ilumask at last year’s event.Continue reading

Cosmetics & Toiletries USA

Top Trends of Cosmetics and Toiletries

Drawing upon on our new and exciting feature, a complimentary highlights report that comes with subscription to our annual Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report, we’ve selected several trends to watch out for as we enter 2016.

  1. The rise of consumerism and expression of individualism

The beauty industry projects a further rise in consumerism and expression of individualism. The unique needs of consumers are addressed by marketers who offer personalized solutions and custom-made products.Continue reading

Best of 2015 from Kline's Beauty and Personal Care Research

Best of 2015 from Kline’s Beauty and Personal Care Research

As we take flight into 2016, this is the perfect time to reflect and evaluate what’s happened and will continue to develop in the world of beauty. In 2015, we brought you an array of new trends and data from large and important markets, such as natural personal care, professional skin care, salon hair care, professional nail care, and more. We also expanded our portfolio with three new studies covering promising and fast growing markets, such as professional ethnic hair care, sexual wellness products, and pain management devices, as well as a number of mini reports covering hot topics across the globe.Continue reading

NYX is Coming to Town

You’d Better Watch Out, You Might Want to Cry—NYX is Coming to Town

NYX, the now L’Oréal-owned mass cosmetics brand that has taken the beauty market by storm, opened its first retail locations in Arcadia and Torrance, CA, in October. The brand has already opened a third location in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and plans to open at least two additional locations in California before the end of the year. Major plans are apparently in place to transform the chain into a national retailer in early 2016, as initial signage has popped up in malls around the United States indicating that NYX is “coming soon,” potentially disrupting the beauty retailing landscape in a major way.

NYX had already altered the mass beauty market by covertly acquiring a cult-like following via a modern twist on grassroots marketing: putting free products in the hands of beauty vloggers.Continue reading

Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands

Eye on Indies: Booming Beauty Brands Leading Industry Growth

In an interview, Kline’s beauty experts reveal some insights from the new Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands: Analysis of Booming Independent Brands in the United States report that focuses on independent beauty brands.

Q: Why is the subject of independent or “indie” brands so relevant?

A: Indie brands have been making headlines in the industry as they pose a challenge and threat to the large cosmetics giants. In fact, this subject is so relevant that a first-ever expo dedicated to independent brands was held in New York City last month.Continue reading

Competitive Structure of the U.S. OTC Market Evolving

What’s in Kline’s Beauty Bag this Fall?

An interview with our beauty experts about the latest and newest market research reports.

Q: Kline’s already working on the next edition of the Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report. What changes are being made to the actual report?

We find that our subscribers don’t have the time to read through a sea of pages to find the information they are looking for. Therefore, we are going to serve up the gems for each of the 25 product categories we cover and really focus on what’s important versus what’s nice to know. Showing key takeaways will be our mantra this year.

We are also working on providing our subscribers with a deliverable in January! This is super early for us, but we know how great the need is for information on 2015 as soon as the year closes.Continue reading