Personalized Beauty During Pandemic Times Banner

Personalized Beauty: The Right Antidote for the Sheltering-in-Place Consumer 

Pre-pandemic, the next level in personalized beauty was artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented realty (AR) technology, as shown via countless displays at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Now, in this new era of social distancing, consumers are craving a human touch more than ever as shelter-in-place orders prohibit the physical shopping experience, and personalized beauty brands seem to be the perfect antidote to fill this void. 

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Male Grooming

The New Age of Beauty Becomes Male-centric

Men’s grooming continues to be on beauty marketers’ radar. Recently, a new trend focusing on male consumers is making big waves and has great potential to impact the market in the upcoming years. Men’s cosmetics and gender-free beauty are the next steps in the male beauty movement, with the media, indie beauty brands, and even major beauty companies paying tribute to the rise of men in beauty.

Social media gave a voice to indie beauty brands as reported by Kline’s Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands: Global Tracking Service, and it is now providing a platform to men who are just as passionate as women are about cosmetics and beauty. Social media has given a platform to early male adopters of makeup to share their experiences with the world. Continue reading

Cosmetics & Toiletries USA

Top Trends of Cosmetics and Toiletries

Drawing upon on our new and exciting feature, a complimentary highlights report that comes with subscription to our annual Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report, we’ve selected several trends to watch out for as we enter 2016.

  1. The rise of consumerism and expression of individualism

The beauty industry projects a further rise in consumerism and expression of individualism. The unique needs of consumers are addressed by marketers who offer personalized solutions and custom-made products.Continue reading

Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands

Eye on Indies: Booming Beauty Brands Leading Industry Growth

In an interview, Kline’s beauty experts reveal some insights from the new Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands: Analysis of Booming Independent Brands in the United States report that focuses on independent beauty brands.

Q: Why is the subject of independent or “indie” brands so relevant?

A: Indie brands have been making headlines in the industry as they pose a challenge and threat to the large cosmetics giants. In fact, this subject is so relevant that a first-ever expo dedicated to independent brands was held in New York City last month.Continue reading

P&G's Category-leading Brands

It’s Not Lonely at the Top: P&G’s Category-leading Brands Hit the Hardest in 2012

The latest market data just released by Kline on the U.S. beauty industry illustrates that although the market grew by 3.4% in 2012, there were varying levels of success where some of the key players fared better than others.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) remains the clear leader in the U.S. personal care market, which Kline defines to include fragrances, hair care products, makeup, oral care products, skin care products, and other toiletries, such as deodorants and soaps. Via both acquisition and organic growth, this leadership has solidified over the last decade. However, 2012 has proven to be one of the most challenging years to date, as P&G’s category-leading brands have lost footing in several categories including shampoos, toothpastes, and color cosmetics.Continue reading