Digestive System

Digestive health remains a strong growth category with increased consumer awareness and knowledge of probiotic benefits

There is growing awareness of the connection between probiotics and immunity. Studies show that bacteria found in probiotics assist in the maturation of immune cells and helps reduce undesirable bacteria in the body. More probiotics with immune-boosting claims are entering the category. Research continues to drive interest in probiotics and improved health. Continue reading

Probiotics Market

How has the Market for Probiotics Evolved into a Success Story?

In a recent blog post, we discussed the probiotics market, which widely appeals to many U.S. consumers seeking more natural solutions to their health issues, but where did it all start and how did it become so popular? Probiotics awareness specifically received its first boost in the United States with the ubiquitous advertising for Dannon’s probiotic-rich yogurt, Activia, in the early 2000s, featuring actress Jamie Lee Curtis. According to a recent research study, the benefits of probiotics are well-known, with 73% of U.S. consumers with digestive problems aware that “probiotics are used to help maintain the natural balance of organisms in the intestine.” This is up significantly from “47% aware” about 10 years ago. In addition, awareness of the term “probiotics” grew from 9% in 2002 to 60% in 2009 among adults, according to a study by the National Marketing Institute.Continue reading


Poised for Solid Growth, Probiotics Appeal to a Variety of Consumers and Health Issues

Over the past several years, the U.S. market for probiotics has emerged as one of the fastest growing consumer healthcare markets, consistently achieving double-digit sales growth. In 2015, according to our recently published Nonprescription Drugs USA and Natural OTCs: Impact of Non-drug Products on the U.S. OTC Market studies, the total market for probiotics is estimated at over $530 million, up above 15% since 2014. It is not uncommon for the category and some brands to achieve sales growth of 15% to 25% on a year-over-year basis. These high growth rates have been sustained by increased consumer awareness and more chronic use as consumers see the value in taking probiotics to increase their immunity rather than just help treat episodic digestive ailments. Furthermore, compared to more traditional digestive products, probiotics have relatively high retail price points, which helps drive overall sales for this market segment.Continue reading

Nutritional Health and Wellness Products

A Powerful Retail Channel in the Nutrition Industry: Multi-level Marketing

The U.S. market for nutritional supplements and wellness products is massive and valued at over $30 billion in annual retail sales. This remains an area that elicits strong consumer interest as people seek to preserve and improve their health and avoid illness. Products like digestive enzymes, vitamins and minerals, weight loss and management systems, and energy supplements provide many benefits for consumers, but confusion lingers among consumers due to the number of products available and nebulous product claims.

Mass nutrition brands sold through drug chains, mass merchandisers, health food stores, and specialty retailers account for the lion’s share of the market. Continue reading