The Professional Nail Care Market Continues to Surprise

The competition structure in the global professional nail care market is expected to get a major facelift, as market leader OPI has been put up for sale. Although experiencing a sales decline in recent years, OPI remains the dominant professional nail care marketer in the United States, with an approximate 21% market share in 2019. The brand particularly shines in the United States in the dipping powder segment thanks to the introduction of the Powder Perfection product line in 2017, in sync with the rapidly growing dipping powder trend.Continue reading

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The Top Three Popular Trends in the Professional Nail Care Market

The dynamic professional nail care market continues on its evolution path with new innovations and trends. The boundaries between categories start to blur, as marketers continue to launch products that are either cross category or similar in results to products from another category. Let’s take a look at the top three trends and innovations from this market in 2016:

1. Top coats with gel-like results – Originally started by L’Oréal with the launch of Essie Gel Setter in 2015, this new trend makes big waves in 2016 with several marketers launching similar variants. When applied on nail lacquer without UV/LED curing, these top coats give a gel-like result, such as high shine, long-wear, and chip-resistance.Continue reading

The Leadership Scramble in Professional Beauty: Who Will Win?

The Leadership Scramble in Professional Beauty: Who Will Win?

Acquisition activity has greatly altered the landscape of the global professional beauty industry in the past few years. L’Oréal is now the clear leader and only major player to have a leadership role in all three sectors of professional beauty: hair care, skin care, and nail care. The company has long held the #1 spot in the hair sector. With its acquisitions of SkinCeuticals (2005) and Essie (2010), L’Oréal landed a slot among the top 10 in skin care and nail care, respectively. Adding Decléor and Carita to its portfolio in 2014 propelled L’Oréal to the #1 ranking in skin care. The #1 spot is now firmly taken, but rankings beyond that are very much up for grabs.  Continue reading