Global Natural Personal Care Market Continues to Grow in the Face of Pandemic 1

Global Natural Personal Care Market Continues to Grow in the Face of Pandemic

Sales of clean and natural beauty and personal care products grew to nearly $30 billion at the manufacturers’ level in 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on many markets. 

According to Kline’s recently published Natural and Clean Beauty Global Series, covering the United States, China, Brazil, and Europe, market performance largely varied by region. Some markets, such as Brazil, saw little to no change in consumption; others, such as Europe and the United States, were hit much harder. Collectively, the global market saw 2.1% growth, driven by various bright spots including a stellar performance from indie brands and self-care-oriented products.  Continue reading

Natural Personal Care Global Series

Top Three Drivers of the Global Natural Personal Care Market

The dynamics of the natural personal care market are impressive, attracting more and more players that want to profit from the lucrative opportunities this market offers. Over time, our ongoing Natural Personal Care Global Series report has identified several factors that have been influencing and driving this prosperous market. Let’s take a look at the top three drivers in recent years:Continue reading

VIVANESS 2015: More Natural Every Year

VIVANESS 2015: More Natural Every Year

With the growth of the natural and organic cosmetics segment in Germany accounting for 14% in 2014, the German Nurnberg Messe is the perfect setting for such an event as VIVANESS – International Trade Fair for Natural Personal Care. Over 200 natural personal care companies presented their products at the fair, and we were invited to present in the educational session Consumer Insights – worldwide; How Natural and Organic cosmetic gains ground. While there, we also picked up a few highlights and product trends from the show.Continue reading

Expanding Distribution at CosmeBio Event

Another Shade of Green: Focus on Expanding Distribution at CosmeBio Event

This year, CosmeBio, the leading organic cosmetics professional association and a founding member of the European group which developed the European COSMOS-standard, held its assembly on June 17 in Paris. At this year’s event, the spotlight was on CosmeBio’s activity in 2013, as well as the organization’s future plans focused on improving the recognition of the CosmeBio label on the international scale.

For the attendees of the CosmeBio’s assembly this year, a priority for the future has been set: to increase the focus on radical re-distribution of their brands.Continue reading

Green Means Go for Beauty: Natural Personal Care Market Still Booms

Green Means Go for Beauty: Natural Personal Care Market Still Booms

At nearly $30 billion globally in sales, the green beauty concept perseveres. The positive progress of the natural cosmetics market in 2013 assured marketers that global consumers remain drawn towards this trend. Marketing investments, new product developments, and the efforts of certifying agencies such as BDiH, Cosmebio, and Natrue to shed better light on the transparency of ingredients used by marketers in their product manufacture have all contributed to the global increase in sales of natural cosmetics by 10.6% in 2013. While the growing demand of consumers opens new doors of opportunity for more marketers to become a part of the trend, the increased competition makes it more difficult to join the market with no risks. Natural cosmetics consumers are becoming more selective, conscious of their product choice, and take a greater interest in understanding the quality and origin of ingredients.
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