Sorry We Are Closed - Hair Salon Industry Pandemic Crisis

How Salons Will Emerge from Being Labeled a “Non-Essential” Business 

We have entered the second month of nearly all U.S. salons being closed as a result of the country’s effort to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19’s spread by way of social distancing. And while there are talks of starting to open businesses back up, it remains to be seen if salons will be included in that first wave of openings. Initially, May 1 was the optimistic date for this to begin, but Georgia has announced allowing salons to open as early as this week so there is hope. 

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scalp care

Scalp Care: Still a Niche Segment with Lucrative Opportunities

Whether they’re for hair loss, itchiness, or an aging scalp, products targeting scalp care continue to be launched by key professional hair care marketers as well as small and medium players around the globe. Scalp care continues to be an important topic for stylists, marketers, and consumers despite accounting for only a few percentages of global salon hair care sales. And while our soon-to-be-published Professional Scalp Care Products: Global Market Snapshot report shows that the market has slowed down, it’s still showing growth in line with overall salon market growth in key global markets.Continue reading

Salon Hair Care Global Series

Professional Hair Care Gets the Royal Treatment

A new generation of treatment products has propelled the salon hair care industry to hit a five-year high in terms of sales growth in 2015. Treatment products was the only product type to register a double-digit gain for the year, with growth nearly four times the industry average. Driven not only by bond multipliers—a brand new sub-category created singlehandedly by Olaplex that was quickly and fiercely replicated by countless others—but also by many deep nourishing treatments and multi-benefit products, as more emphasis is placed on healthier hair and scalps.
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