Eleven Australia: Keeping it Simple

Eleven Australia: Keeping it Simple

Eleven Australia launched in 2011 with the mission to provide a range of products that simplify hair and body care routines, with each product given name that describes exactly what it does. The brand’s first, and currently still bestselling product, Miracle Hair Treatment, led the way.  Other benefit-focused product lines followed, including Keep My Colour, Hydrate My Hair, and Keep My CurlJudging by Kline PRO U.S. data, consumers around the globe have embraced Eleven Australia’s straightforward approach: The brand showed a 36% increase in the first quarter of this year over year ago. To monitor the progress of Eleven Australia and other brands, follow our Kline PRO US and Canada offerings.   

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Scalp Care: Still a Niche Segment with Lucrative Opportunities

Whether they’re for hair loss, itchiness, or an aging scalp, products targeting scalp care continue to be launched by key professional hair care marketers as well as small and medium players around the globe. Scalp care continues to be an important topic for stylists, marketers, and consumers despite accounting for only a few percentages of global salon hair care sales. And while our soon-to-be-published Professional Scalp Care Products: Global Market Snapshot report shows that the market has slowed down, it’s still showing growth in line with overall salon market growth in key global markets.Continue reading

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Healthier Hair at the Epicenter of the Salon Industry

Our recently published Salon Hair Care Global Series shows another year of robust growth for the industry that already accounts for over $14 billion globally. This is driven in part by products focused on care and treatment.

Shampoos and conditioners lead the way with over 4% growth in 2018, with treatments at the forefront of this increase. A large part of treatments is dedicated to restoring hair health from the damage caused by chemical procedures, especially hair coloring, as well as the extensive use of hot tools.Continue reading