Salon Hair Care Global Series

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Global Salon Hair Care Market

The recently completed 2014 edition of Salon Hair Care Global Series confirms that the global market for professional hair care products is growing steadily at almost 3%. In today’s blog post, we’re going to look at some interesting and lesser known facts about this market.

1. The Swiss city of Bern could be considered as the hairdressing capital of the world, counting approximately 3.3 salons per 1,000 inhabitants. In 2014, Kline covered the Swiss market for the first time. The research revealed it is a market of more than USD 150 million and an important contributor to the European salon hair care market size.Continue reading

Salon Hair Care Asia

Asia, the Hot Spot of the Professional Hair Care Market

Growth in the global salon hair care market is being driven by the Asia and Latin America regions. Whereas Western Europe and the United States are diligently exploring novel marketing strategies to stimulate sales, the emerging markets are blooming. Consequently, we shall take a closer look and reveal early findings concerning these markets.

Asia: India and China – two giants showing different dynamics of professional hair care… Continue reading