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Technology Meets Beauty in Asia

The marriage of technology and beauty in Asia continues to experience healthy growth despite the overall beauty industry’s slowdown in the region during 2015. More informed beauty device purchasing decisions by consumers, thanks to a great number of online device reviews and education from marketers, helps strengthen trust in the market. Meanwhile, an avalanche of new product launches, from both local and foreign manufacturers, further solidifies strong sales growth in the Asian at-home beauty devices market, which increases by nearly 12% in 2015.

Within the region, Japan enjoys the highest double-digit growth driven by inbound tourism and local brands’ swift response to new foreign brands attracting consumers with competitive prices.Continue reading

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Specialized Devices Drive Double-digit Growth of the European Beauty Devices Market in 2015

Ultra-specialized and hair regrowth devices entering the European market in 2015, supported by new apps that educate consumers on product usage, propel the perennially vibrant at-home beauty devices market by 18%, finds the recently published European volume from Kline’s Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report series. Growth is strongest in Eastern Europe and some Western markets, such as Germany and the United Kingdom.

A new segment of coverage for this year’s report series is the emerging hair regrowth products category. This category benefits from increased marketing surrounding the efficacy of the devices. “Hair regrowth has been around for over a decade, with HairMax being in the European market since 2002,” comments Ewa Grigar, Project Lead for the report series. Continue reading

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At-home Beauty Devices Market Takes Flight in Europe in 2014

Our soon-to-be-published report on the at-home beauty devices market revealed some interesting trends that we have not seen since we’ve started covering this market four years ago. This year, it is expected that Europe’s growth for the at-home beauty devices market will outpace the United States, approaching to a 25% increase. This is an impressive number as other related markets, such as professional skin care, achieve an approximately 7% growth. What’s driving this growth?Continue reading