Sorry We Are Closed - Hair Salon Industry Pandemic Crisis

How Salons Will Emerge from Being Labeled a “Non-Essential” Business 

We have entered the second month of nearly all U.S. salons being closed as a result of the country’s effort to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19’s spread by way of social distancing. And while there are talks of starting to open businesses back up, it remains to be seen if salons will be included in that first wave of openings. Initially, May 1 was the optimistic date for this to begin, but Georgia has announced allowing salons to open as early as this week so there is hope. 

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Salon Hair Care

Kline PRO Delivers Breakthrough Data for the Salon Hair Care Industry

The salon hair care market is notoriously difficult to measure because it is more fragmented than nearly all other industries. With over 170,000 locations, mostly controlled by sole proprietors, and growth of booth rentals adding to the fragmentation, quantitative gathering of credible data has been practically impossible…until now. Through the revolutionary Kline PRO, we have done what nobody else has been able to do—a tool that measures sales of products both into salons, as well as into the hands of consumers, and now also services.

From the beginning of 2016, service dollars and number of transactions are being tracked and reported for seven different categories that include typical services, such as haircutting and coloring to “other,” which ranges from beard services and eyebrow tinting. Data shows which services are trending and the average price for each of them—even down to a region of the United States and the size of the salon.Continue reading