These 3 Indie Beauty Brands Could Be the Next Billion-Dollar Buyouts

Are these 3 Indie Beauty Brands the Next Billion-Dollar Buyouts?

Kline has identified three indie beauty brands that could be tomorrow’s billion-dollar buyouts — just as we did in past reports where we accurately predicted M&As. 

Glow RecipeIlia Beauty, and Prose have landed squarely on our radar,” says Karen Doskow, Kline’s Director of Consumer Products, “They may be small in terms of sales value, but these brands have totally disrupted the industry.” According to Doskow, indies are currently the most sought-after brands by cosmetics marketers, retailers, and shoppers alike thanks to their compelling ingredient stories, creative consumer engagement, and first-rate digital marketing tactics.  Continue reading

Snif: A New Way to Discover and Enjoy Fragrances

Snif: A New Way to Discover and Enjoy Fragrances

Newcomer Snif is poised for success in 2021 and beyond, according to Kline’s Beauty Indies USA report. The modern fragrance brand offers luxury-level scents that are unisexual, clean-positioned, cruelty-free, and affordable, which resonates well with its target audience of millennials and Gen Z. The brand’s key point of differentiation is its try-before-you-buy model, which simplifies the online fragrance discovery and purchase process by allowing consumers to “try now, pay later.

Global Natural Personal Care Market Continues to Grow in the Face of Pandemic 1

Global Natural Personal Care Market Continues to Grow in the Face of Pandemic

Sales of clean and natural beauty and personal care products grew to nearly $30 billion at the manufacturers’ level in 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on many markets. 

According to Kline’s recently published Natural and Clean Beauty Global Series, covering the United States, China, Brazil, and Europe, market performance largely varied by region. Some markets, such as Brazil, saw little to no change in consumption; others, such as Europe and the United States, were hit much harder. Collectively, the global market saw 2.1% growth, driven by various bright spots including a stellar performance from indie brands and self-care-oriented products.  Continue reading

Hand in Hand: Indie Beauty Brand with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Hand in Hand: Indie Beauty Brand with Eco-Friendly Packaging

Hand in Hand, an independent beauty brand that’s been on the rise in recent years, enjoyed outstanding success in 2020. It saw 1000% growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic after launching and promoting its collection of liquid hand soaps and hand sanitizers, which resonated with consumers seeking these essential items. The products are packaged in aluminum, appealing to the growing number of consumers looking for sustainable products and brands that aim to reduce their environmental impact. For additional brand insights, follow our Natural and Clean Beauty Global Series report. 

Indie Beauty Brands in the Natural and Clean Beauty Space

Indie Brands to Watch in the Natural Beauty Space

As the world first entered coronavirus-related shutdowns in March 2020natural beauty brands were suddenly tasked with offering two important points of differentiation: authenticity and the ability to pivot.  

While conventional brands indeed managed to navigate the pandemicindies were often the first to react to itThey shifted marketing campaigns, becoming more consumer-focused, personalized, and willing to consider consumer feedback. As a result, consumers gravitated toward these authentic and relatable companies, as shown in our recently published Natural and Clean Beauty Global Series ReportIndependent beauty brands became an even stronger driving force behind the growth of the natural and clean beauty market in the United States, advancing more than 30% collectively, compared to a near flat growth for conventional brands.  Continue reading

Best of Beauty 2020

Taking a Look Back at the Best of Beauty 2020

The unprecedented crisis of the coronavirus outbreak has impacted how consumers shop for beauty and personal care products, and these shopping habits and product category preferences may become the new normal in 2021. Key macro trends prevalent in prior years have been amplified as the rise in stay-at-home orders shifted consumers’ values and desires throughout the year. Below is a sample of the most talkedabout trends we analyzed in 2020the ones we think will still be important in the coming year. Continue reading

Cosmetics & Toiletries

The Key Drivers of the U.S. Beauty Industry

Driven by advancements in facial skin care, the beauty market maintains its steady growth into 2018. Our recently published annual flagship report, Cosmetics & Toiletries USA, finds strategically positioned indie brands to be influencing trends across product classes and categories. Male grooming products also play a key role in advancing the market, despite a significant slowdown in sales in some categories.

Indie brands, such as Beautycounter, Juice Beauty, and Glossier, contribute to the strong growth of facial skin care. These brands use their innovation and unique positioning to carve out a niche segment of the market, often appealing to millennials or clean beauty enthusiasts. Many also look to expand into other categories, such as makeup, with new launches and may help in rebounding the struggling product class. Tatcha launches The Silk Canvas in 2018, bringing its skin care expertise to the makeup class via the primer.Continue reading

Beauty Indies

Indies Riding the Wave in 2017

Beauty indies are the most desired brands by cosmetic marketers and retailers alike, as many consumers gravitate to purchasing from smaller, authentic, and innovative beauty brands. In an interview, Kline’s beauty experts reveal some insights from the upcoming second edition of Beauty’s Most Buyable Brands: Analysis of Booming Independent Brands in the United States, a report that focuses on independent beauty brands.

Q: What are some of the biggest changes you have observed in the world of independent brands?

At the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017, Estée Lauder purchases Becca Cosmetics, Unilever purchases Living Proof, and Coty invests a majority stake in Younique. These are all transactions that will shape the industry looking forward to 2017 and beyond.Continue reading