Floor Care Trends Revealed in New Kline Study

Kline’s first edition study Floor Care Pads and Tools: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities will be published this summer, and the report is based on extensive industry and end-user research. Structured surveys of over 500 cleaning professionals across 13 industry segments including building service contractors, healthcare, hospitality, foodservice, education, and retailers reveal key trends when it comes to floor cleaning and maintenance. End users were asked to report on usage patterns of floor pads, mop pads, cleaning carts, and other tools used to clean and/or maintain multiple floor surfaces including:Continue reading

Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Wipes USA

Wipes Grow Faster than the Overall I&I Cleaning Market

All product categories and companies register growth on the market for industrial and institutional cleaning wipes that increases by over 5% in 2014. Several companies, such as market leader Clorox Professional Products or various smaller brands like Metrex Research or Spartan Chemical, are growing faster than the overall market growth, reveals the imminent Industrial and Institutional Wipes USA: Market Analysis and Opportunities report. This across the board uptake is due fact that end users view wipes as a convenient and effective way to clean their facilities.Continue reading

Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Wipes USA

Wipes Important to I&I Users, but Brand Loyalty Low

Industrial and institutional cleaning wipes are important to end users, such as healthcare facilities, schools, industrial facilities, foodservice, fitness facilities, and small businesses, and are being used for half or more of all cleaning tasks performed on premises, reveals our soon-to-be-published Industrial and Institutional Wipes USA: Market Analysis and Opportunities report.

Most end users who responded to our survey are pleased with I&I cleaning wipes, and 97% of them say they are either very satisfied or satisfied with them. Schools are particularly heavy users of wipes with more than half them using wipes in primary schools (grades K-12). Continue reading

Industrial and Institutional Cleaning Wipes

Claims Made by I&I Wipe Suppliers Extremely Important to Healthcare Sector

We are currently conducting structured surveys with end users of industrial and institutional cleaning wipes. Preliminary findings from the research show that claims made by manufacturers of wipes with regard to disinfecting and sanitizing are extremely important to the healthcare sector.

Survey respondents were asked to rate the importance of 20 various purchase factors when it comes to selecting cleaning wipes, including effectiveness, price, size, brand, texture, durability, scent, convenience, and dry time. Notable among respondents is that the time it takes a wipe to kill pathogens/germs, also known as “dwell time,” is considered very or extremely important among 100% of end users at nursing homes. Continue reading