Ziip Beauty Device Image credit: Ziip Beauty

Skin Care and Technology—A Good Cocktail in the European Beauty Devices Market

The at-home beauty devices market in Europe experiences solid growth of about 13% in 2016, with a plethora of opportunities to explore. The market is dominated by three-leading skin care concerns—hair removal, anti-aging, and cleansing—accounting for 75% of the total market sales in 2016. However, hair regrowth is the fastest-growing segment as U.S. marketers emphasize on establishing their brands in Europe.

The market has been categorized by the presence of generic devices targeting acne, anti-aging, cleansing, hair removal, and hair regrowth for a few years now. To break this status quo, marketers are beginning to embrace the concept of bespoke solutions by combining skin care and technology to develop customized skin care treatments for consumers. One such classic example is Skin Inc’s Optimizer Voyage Tri-light with NASA-based technology that uses Chromotherapy and Low Frequency Therapy to help boost the skin’s absorption.Continue reading

Neutrogena's Light Therapy Acne Mask Image source: Neutrogena's Instagram

New LED Devices Illuminate the Global Beauty Devices Market in 2016

The growing popularity for using at-home beauty devices continues at the global level, driven by the ever-increasing number of new brands and products entering the market. In 2016, Kline embarks on its sixth edition of the global analysis of the at-home beauty devices study, which is set to unveil the latest trends, innovations, and most effective strategies in marketing adopted by marketers considered to be important game-changers in their local markets. Each year, this vibrant industry registers winners, underperformers, and notable acquisitions, which are often unexpected, but never missed by Kline.Continue reading