ASEAN lubricants market 2020 2025

[WEBINAR] ASEAN Lubricants Market – Key Drivers and Trends

Despite a major setback due to the pandemic, the lubricants market in ASEAN region is very dynamic and presents strong growth prospects over the forecast period. Overall, growth is expected to be driven by the consumer segment, followed by the commercial and industrial segments. Government regulations and policies, COVID-19’s impact in the short term, consumer purchasing power, government spending on key industries, and international trade and commodity prices are some of the factors that can critically impact industrial and commercial automotive lubricants segments over the forecast period. Learn about this dynamic market from the recording of our webinar.

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LATAM Lubricants Market Trends

Upcoming Webinar: Opportunities in LATAM Lubricants Market

After a turbulent 2019, the economy in Latin America and the Caribbean was in a recovery mode, albeit vulnerabilities remain. Lubricant marketers will have to cope with various challenges related to chronicle issues affecting the region including economic dependence on commodity, combined with fiscal disbalance and social unrest and most recently the global Coronavirus outbreak.

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LATAM opportunities in lubricants

Driven by Manufacturing Sector and Investments, Mexican Lubricants Market Set for 2% Growth

Mexico is expected to resume growth in 2020 after last year’s economic stagnation, which was caused by a combination of negative factors including policy uncertainty and slower global and U.S. production. The economic recovery will be contingent on the successful implementation of prudent fiscal policies and the ratification of the U.S., Canada, Mexico (USMCA) trade agreements, which is basically replacing NAFTA.

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