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Makeup’s New Power Trends for 2016

In 2015, retail sales of makeup in the United States soared to $13.2 billion, which is the largest growth for the market since 2011. Our soon-to-be-published published edition of Cosmetics & Toiletries USA pinpoints that such stellar growth of the makeup market is partly attributed to viral trends initiated by celebrities and social media makeup artist influencers.

We recently attended The Makeup Show, a professional makeup artist event in New York City. This event solidified that the makeup industry continues to be shaken by social media makeup artists, as well as the alarming rate that trends go viral on the Internet. With the first half of 2016 quickly coming to an end, we wanted to take a look at the makeup trends we saw at the recent event, as well as well as other trends driving market growth in 2016.Continue reading

Cosmetics & Toiletries USA

Sophisticated Selfie Makeup Products Spur the Beauty Market

Recently published data from Kline’s annual Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report reveals that the makeup product class, which grows by nearly twice the market average, spurs the beauty industry forward in 2015. Trends like the highly coveted power brow, facial sculpting through techniques, such as contouring and strobing, and bold, luscious lips all contribute to a successful year for makeup. Kline’s expert insider Kelly Alexandre answers some key questions regarding the market’s performance and what to look for in the future.Continue reading