COVID-19 pandemic proved that brands valuing safety and community are reigning supreme in the market

Knowing Your Audience Is Key to Male Grooming and Indie Brands

Despite struggles in the general beauty market, some segments are experiencing bright spots as a result of increasing consumer interest. Hand sanitizers, clean beauty, and self-care products had already been on the rise as consumers refocused or focused for the first time on these goods as a way to combat time in quarantine. But a surprising segment with renewed consumer interest is male grooming.Continue reading

Men in Salon

Shave and a Haircut, Two Bits!

Two bits would be a bargain based on the average prices that salons are now charging for men’s services. Once perceived as a space exclusive to women, independent salons are finding that offering services and products for men can help bolster their bottom line. In fact, services that Kline PRO USA identifies as exclusive to men brought in nearly 8% of all service revenue in the first half of 2019. This number is on par with figures from the full year 2018.

Men’s haircut and coloring services had a solid performance in 2018 with an increase of 3% in revenues, while the number of these services performed remained flat. This growth in revenue indicates that men are willing to pay a bit more for the services than they did the year before. Being able to increase prices helps salons offset the decline in the frequency of these services, as shown by Kline PRO data for the first half. Continue reading

Cosmetics & Toiletries

The Key Drivers of the U.S. Beauty Industry

Driven by advancements in facial skin care, the beauty market maintains its steady growth into 2018. Our recently published annual flagship report, Cosmetics & Toiletries USA, finds strategically positioned indie brands to be influencing trends across product classes and categories. Male grooming products also play a key role in advancing the market, despite a significant slowdown in sales in some categories.

Indie brands, such as Beautycounter, Juice Beauty, and Glossier, contribute to the strong growth of facial skin care. These brands use their innovation and unique positioning to carve out a niche segment of the market, often appealing to millennials or clean beauty enthusiasts. Many also look to expand into other categories, such as makeup, with new launches and may help in rebounding the struggling product class. Tatcha launches The Silk Canvas in 2018, bringing its skin care expertise to the makeup class via the primer.Continue reading

Beauty Düsseldorf and Top Hair International

7 Key Observations at Beauty Düsseldorf and Top Hair International

We closed March with a trip to Beauty Düsseldorf and Top Hair International, two of the biggest beauty trade shows in the DACH region. During the three bustling days, we noticed an emphasis on customization, digitalization, naturalness, and men’s care in the salon hair care area, while beauty devices seem to be taking center stage in professional skin care.Continue reading

male grooming blog apr 2019

The Ever-rising Male Grooming Market

Governed by a rising demand for personal care products tailored to men’s needs, the male grooming market continues on a growth trajectory, albeit at a slower pace. New product launches, continued subscription box services, aggressive marketing, and rising indies contribute to the growing yet slowing category. Our upcoming Male Grooming Products: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities report explores this segment, with robust analysis on trends, brands, product categories, and outlook for the next five years. Its consumer survey chapter takes a deep dive into various triggers and influencers of purchase decisions and identifies the unmet needs of consumers.Continue reading

Male Grooming Market

Male Grooming Madness Continues

Taking the industry by storm, male grooming continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments in the beauty and personal care industry, advancing at high single-digit growth rates. New product introductions, relaunches, aggressive marketing strategies by brands, and most importantly—accessibility and ease of purchasing of products with a click of a button—contribute to the dynamic growth of the category. Kline’s soon-to-be-published Male Grooming: U.S. Market Analysis report explores this dynamic segment, focusing on market size and growth, news-making imports, alternate channel analysis, key new launches, and product trends. Moreover, this edition has insights into the consumer’s mind by exploring areas that answer questions of key grooming concerns men want to address and influencers of purchasing decisions.

Kline’s experts answer some of your questions regarding the category: 

Continue reading

Male Grooming

Upcoming Webinar: An A to Z Look into the Male Grooming Boom

Male grooming breaks new ground in the beauty industry to become a $4.5 billion titan for brands. Dominated by impactful acquisitions, dynamic indies, innovative leading companies, new launches, and a strong online presence, this market segment should certainly be on everyone’s watch list.

Join us on Tuesday, November 7, for an exclusive webinar on key highlights from our just-published Male Grooming Products: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities report.Continue reading

Male Grooming

Male Grooming – From Niche to Mass and Beyond

Male grooming—once a hardly noticeable niche category—has evolved over the past several years to become mainstream in beauty and personal care, characterized by billion-dollar acquisitions, the introduction of high impact products, online niche players catering to convenient purchases, and, most importantly, a general shift in male consumers wanting to look and feel their best.

What are the unexplored categories in this market, and how much further will this segment evolve? As our Male Grooming Products: U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities report is currently underway, we’d like to share some of the most exciting discoveries so far, exploring the performance of leading brands, buzz behind marketing and promotions, growing distribution channels, and the way that this segment will shape up in the coming years.Continue reading

Spotlight on Barbershops

Following the Barbershop Trend at the Barber UK Show

Last week, we attended the Barber UK show in Birmingham, a two-day show dedicated to barbershop brands and lovers alike to share the latest trends and novelties in this dynamic segment. The drastic growth in the number of barbershops in the United Kingdom is rooted in the increasing interest of male consumers longing for professional grooming, active marketing efforts, as well as the growing number of publications, such as the Barbers NV, Dear Barber, and Modern Barber, dedicated to this industry.

This year’s show offered several competitions staged in a boxing ring, which hosted top barbers in a ring “battle,” creating an exciting and fun atmosphere. With the abundance of training academies and workshops, such as the Foss Academy, driven by the United Kingdom’s top barber, Christ Foster, dedicated strictly to barbers, the show displayed massive interest in the ever growing barbershop market.Continue reading

Men's Grooming Regimen

March Madness: Male Grooming is a Slam Dunk

Male grooming, one of the most talked about trends for the past several years, has taken the beauty and personal care industry by storm. New product introductions, relaunches, aggressive marketing strategies by brands, and, most importantly, the accessibility and ease of purchasing of male grooming products with the click of a button have contributed to the category’s dynamic growth.

Once considered generally as part of the luxury segment, male grooming products have migrated to mass, with brands such as Cetaphil launching products like face washes, face cloths, face lotions, soaps, and lotions in 2016. Dove Men + Care, a brand launched in 2010, has become one of the most dominant brands in the industry, making waves across all categories—hair care, deodorants, skin care, and body washes/beauty bars. Similar to Dove’s meaningful True Beauty campaigns launched for its products for women, Dove Men + Care uses its positioning in the market to generate more significant national conversations for men as well.Continue reading