Pest Control Animal Health

Upcoming Webinar – Pest Control in Production Animal Health

Pest control is a major issue in animal-based agriculture due to the impact of these pests on productivity. Insects annoy and irritate animals, transmit disease, reduce weight gains, and reduce production. Producers have gone to extraordinary lengths in sanitation, manure and litter removal, facility design, and air handling to eliminate potential entry points and breeding areas for flies and other insects. Still, situations remain that are most effectively handled by an insecticide application.

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Seed Treatment in France – 2018 Market Preview. Kline Estimates a CAGR of 22% through 2028 for Biologics.

Gradually implemented regulations are strongly impacting the overall plant protection products market in France. To ensure a better control of the pesticides used in the country, the French government implemented Certiphyto certification, a provision of the national Ecophyto plan. Since 2015, all professional users of pesticides must get the Certiphyto certification to use all types of chemical seed treatments.Continue reading

Opportunities in Lubricants: North America

Webinar – Opportunities in Lubricants: North America

Join Sushmita Dutta, Project Manager in Kline’s Energy/Petroleum Practice, who will provide attendees with the following insights:

  • The current commercial lubricant market in North America and an outlook to 2022
  • The competitive landscape
  • Key market drivers and restraints

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Or read more about our latest report Opportunities in Lubricants: North American Market Analysis

Two-Wheeler Lubricant Brand Awareness

Two-Wheeler Lubricant Brand Awareness High in Southeast Asian Countries

In Southeast Asia, quality, recommendation from a mechanic, and trust in a brand are cited as the most important reasons for frequently using a two-wheeler lubricant brand, according to Kline’s recently published report Two-wheeler Lubricant Brands and Consumer Insights. The report covers responses from more than 2,000 respondents in China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines. To learn about key insights from this unique report REGISTER for Kline’s webinar, happening on September 6, 2018.

In most of the countries studied, motorcycles were found to be the most popular two-wheeler type among the two-wheeler owners surveyed. Vehicles with an engine capacity of up to 250cc are more popular in these countries, as the majority use their two-wheeler as a means of daily transportation. Other uses of two-wheelers include home delivery of food, bike taxis, excursions, and motor sports.Continue reading

Genuine Oils Growth

Shifting Vehicle Ownership Models and Increased Focus from OEMs Will Drive Growth in Genuine Oils through 2022

Due to shifting consumer behavior and OEMs’ desire to capture a greater share of the aftermarket sales and service of their vehicles, genuine oil consumption is projected to grow at a strong compound annual growth rate of 4% through 2022 across all major markets, finds the recently published OEM Genuine Oil Brands and Programs in the Consumer Automotive Segment: Market Analysis and Opportunities report by Kline. To listen to key insights from this new study, REGISTER for our complimentary webinar happening on July 17, 2018.

OEM genuine oil includes all engine oils marketed by a passenger vehicle OEM either under the OEM brand name or a trademarked name exclusive to the OEM. Genuine oil is mainly consumed by OEM-franchised workshops and dealerships for servicing new vehicles. Genuine oil consumption is projected to grow for all major OEMs. Toyota leads genuine oil consumption globally, accounting for over 20% of global genuine oil volume in 2017.Continue reading

Webinar - OEM Genuine Oil Brands

Webinar – OEM Genuine Oil Brands in the Global Market for PCMO


Join David Tsui, Project Manager in Kline’s Energy/Petroleum Practice, who will provide attendees with the following insights:

  • OEM genuine oil penetration by region
  • Drivers of genuine oil consumption
  • Market trends and opportunities for aftermarket lubricant suppliers
  • Genuine oil market outlook

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Or read more about our latest report OEM Genuine Oil Brands and Programs in the Consumer Automotive Segment: Market Analysis and Opportunities

Specialty Excipients for Oral Solid-Dosage-Form Pharmaceuticals

The specialty excipients market for oral-solid-dosage-form pharmaceuticals will grow close to 6% during 2016-2021

Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest and most essential industries worldwide. The global pharmaceutical market is worth over USD 1.1 trillion as of 2016 and is expected to grow in the range of 4%-7% annually over the next five years. Among the several routes of drug administration prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry, oral route is the most widely used, accounting for around 55% of the global pharmaceuticals market value. Furthermore, within orals, solid formulations are the most preferred dosages for their ease of administration, dosage accuracy, stability, and cost-effectiveness. OSDFs is a key growth segment for the global healthcare industry, especially with the growing emphasis on expanding affordable healthcare. Continue reading

Beauty Industry Trends

Market Experts Share the Top Beauty Trends and Predictions

Questions and Answers:

Our soon to be released Cosmetics & Toiletries USA and Beauty Retailing USA reports are full of insights and relevant data that takes an in-depth look at the dynamics of the ever-changing market and how products are sold.

The comprehensive analysis offered in our Cosmetics & Toiletries USA report encompasses six product classes and 25 product categories from trends and drivers, to assessment of the competitive playing field, to marketing activity and outlook through 2021. The report is complimented by another report, Beauty Retailing USA: Channel Analysis and Opportunities, which focuses on the dynamics of the retailing market and how they support each other to best reach out to new and existing beauty consumers.Continue reading