Men's Grooming Regimen

March Madness: Male Grooming is a Slam Dunk

Male grooming, one of the most talked about trends for the past several years, has taken the beauty and personal care industry by storm. New product introductions, relaunches, aggressive marketing strategies by brands, and, most importantly, the accessibility and ease of purchasing of male grooming products with the click of a button have contributed to the category’s dynamic growth.

Once considered generally as part of the luxury segment, male grooming products have migrated to mass, with brands such as Cetaphil launching products like face washes, face cloths, face lotions, soaps, and lotions in 2016. Dove Men + Care, a brand launched in 2010, has become one of the most dominant brands in the industry, making waves across all categories—hair care, deodorants, skin care, and body washes/beauty bars. Similar to Dove’s meaningful True Beauty campaigns launched for its products for women, Dove Men + Care uses its positioning in the market to generate more significant national conversations for men as well.Continue reading

What future holds for the personal care market?

The Seismic Shift Expected in Beauty Consumer by 2030

The FIT Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management Master’s Degree 2014 graduates are predicting a “seismic shift” in the beauty consumer based on their Capstone research. Several teams undertook extensive global research to develop a future view of the world of beauty and how the beauty consumer will evolve, presented at June 4th’s Capstone Research Presentations in New York, NY.   Topics covered included: Accessible Beauty, Engaging the New Beauty Consumer, and Men’s Beauty.

The presentations provided a comprehensive view of how the beauty business and consumer will develop and unfold to 2030. Continue reading