The GelBottle

The GelBottle: Diversifying in Nail Care

The GelBottle has been making waves with its international expansion. The U.K.-based brand started off as a gel polish company and now offers nail enhancements within the same label. It has also expanded its business with its sister company, Peacci, offering only nail polishes.For additional brand insights, follow our Professional Nail Care: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report. 

U.S. and U.K. Professional Nail Care Markets

United States Outperformed United Kingdom in the Professional Nail Care Market

COVID-19 pandemic measures massively disrupted the ability of U.S. and U.K. nail salons to perform services, but new research by Kline finds that the United Kingdom took a much bigger hit. 

According to Kline, the United Kingdom experienced a decline of 60% in 2020, while the United States decreased by 30%. From March to May, both markets faced lockdowns; however, subsequent lockdowns were imposed in the United Kingdom throughout the rest of the year, and this is the primary factor for the U.K.’s dismal market performance. Continue reading

SNS: Rising to Fame with Dipping Powders

SNS: Rising to Fame with Dipping Powders

SNS has been actively present in the professional nail care market since the 90s, with its core offering and expertise grounded in dipping powders. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product portfolio to compete in other categories, such as gels and nail polishes. A key market for SNS is the United States, where it is widely used in value salons. For additional brand insights, follow our Professional Nail Care: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report. 

The best case scenario for the professional nail care market is a forecast CAGR of 3.9% through 2025.

Getting the Professional Nail Care Industry Back on Track

Unlike other professional beauty segments, the professional nail care market may still see a spike in sales thanks to nail polishes and care categories, which consumers turn to for a treat and/or to maintain or establish a part of their routine they can still control. Our recently published Professional Nail Care: Post-COVID Forecast report forecasts a CAGR of 3.9%  through 2025 in the best-case scenario compared to the previously projected CAGR of 3.0% through 2023. Gels, the leading category, is expected to be the best-performing category with a CAGR higher than the market average in all three scenario forecasts. Nail polishes, the worst-performing category pre-COVID-19, is expected to emerge as the second best-performing category even in the worst-case scenario.Continue reading

Professional Nail Care

Nail Enhancements Run the Show Globally

Driven by the solid performance of the nail enhancements category, the professional nail care market continues to gain traction, with 2018 being the best-performing one in the past five years. Other factors contributing to its 8% growth in 2018 include increased emphasis on education and training, new and innovative products, digitalization, and beauty salons expanding their service menus.Continue reading

Professional Nail Care

Artful Manicures and Natural Nail Polish Formulae are Indispensable in 2016

Another exciting year is predicted for the global professional nail care market, which continues to offer seasonal color collections, new textures, and more natural formulations, all delivered through creative marketing campaigns. While 2015 was all about the revolutionary long-wear nail polishes, which contributed to a significant portion of this market’s sales, 2016 brings innovation to the next level.

Mirroring the booming natural trend in the personal care and hair care markets, professional nail care marketers are now turning their attention towards improving product formulations to make them vegan, as well as free of parabens, formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene. Marketers are increasingly focused on being able to integrate “3-Free,” “5-Free,” and “7-Free” claims into their marketing campaigns.Continue reading

Breaking Beauty: The Elements of Cosmoprof North America

Breaking Beauty: The Elements of Cosmoprof North America

Two parts professional hair, nails, and tools, one part cosmetics and personal care, and a dash of wellness and spa, and you’ve got the formula for success at Cosmoprof North America 2014. While certainly less controversial than Walter White’s coveted recipe, some of this year’s exhibiters have cooked up concoctions featuring elements from the periodic table that are almost as fascinating.Continue reading