Professional Nail Care

After Years of Stagnancy, Nail Enhancements Take Off

Powered by the nail enhancements category, the global professional nail care market rebounds, increasing by over 6% in 2017, according to our soon-to-be-published Professional Nail Care: Global Market Brief. Resurging interest in the dipping powder systems and the launch of new hybrid gels are among the key drivers moving this market forward.

With approximately 18% growth, nail enhancements is the fastest-growing category in the global professional nail care market in 2017. Most of this growth is being driven by the dipping powder systems, which began as a trend in late 2016 and become mainstream in 2017 with various marketers adding these systems to their product portfolios. Continue reading

Artificial Nails

Nailed It: Artificial Nails and Accessories Seeing Solid Growth

Up until a few years ago, consumers could enhance the length of their fingernails in a semi-permanent way only in salons, where a nail technician would use acrylics or gels to achieve the desired results. Nowadays, there are many artificial nails and accessories for consumer use. Products used at home to give women long and beautiful nails grew at almost 10% in 2012, according to Kline’s FlashPoint report U.S Market for Nail Art and Accessories. Acrylic nails, gel nails, wraps, press-on nails/kits, and artificial nail glue are categorized under artificial nails and accessories.Continue reading

Out of the Mouths of Nail Technicians

Out of the Mouths of Nail Technicians

At least 30% of women visiting nail salons bring in their own polish, according to Kline’s preliminary research conducted in New York/New Jersey area nail salons in preparation for Kline’s new report, Nail Technician Insights.

There are three main reasons for this: polish touch-ups at home save time and money, the customers often like their color better than what the salon carries, and some women have hygiene concerns about the same brush and product being used on other women’s nails.Continue reading